Monday, December 15, 2014

First Impression: Crest Whitestrips

Snapshot from Crest's website
I'm sure everyone reading this blog has heard of, or even used Crest Whitestrips. So had I, and I was dying to try them.

The buying story
I had decided to wait until my annual dentist appointment to use them, as I'm a swimmer and I experience some chlorine stain, which is scraped off at the dentist (but physically impossible to remove at home)--and I didn't want to whiten over it and then when it's scraped off get some weird yellow spots.
I bought them at CVS, and they happened to be $10 off that day, so I got a pack of 40 strips (20 treatments) for $46 instead of $56. I had read all the reviews, and the Professional Effects struck me as the best.

Why I boguht them
I had braces for two years, which was basically as long as I could remember (I have a bad memory...). Braces make your teeth look yellower, even though blue is supposed to make your teeth look whiter. During braces, I was always self-concious about my yellow teeth (maybe because SOMEONE pointed it out one time!)--I wasn't even insecure about my braces themselves, since I'd had them for such a long time, it didn't really bother me anymore. It was like they were part of me. I promised myself that once I got my braces off, I would whiten my teeth.
My braces, pre-whitening (duh). They were actually SUPER clean, though this picture fails to depict that
The day I got my braces off, also without ANY whitening
The first impression
Not gonna lie, I was pretty scared to try them at first. It's your TEETH. They're on your FACE. Whatever you do to them is PERMANENT. I'd heard horror stories about Whitestrips gone wrong, and messing up teeth forever. But I did it anyway, figuring I'm in too deep (already opened the box). I brushed my teeth and wiped them dry with a tissue (this wasn't on the box, but I read it on Yahoo Answers), and stuck on the strips. I was dismayed to find that the strips were too short for my mouth. They don't cover some of my back teeth--and the bottom set are even shorter. I read up on it, and apparently it's not supposed to whiten every tooth because your back teeth don't matter. (?) I waited the half hour, and when it was up I peeled them off and I was horrified at what I saw: there was a weird white spot in the corner of my left front tooth! I was so worried, I couldn't deal with it and went to sleep (but it was mid-day and I wasn't tired so I kind of just sat there staring at the ceiling). When I woke up, the white stain was faded, but still worse than pre-whitening. I always had a tiny stain there, but it was never that noticeable! So I just waited it out.
When I woke up the next morning, the stain was back to normal (or close to it), but I had an awful scare. But on the bright side, my teeth were slightly whiter!
After Day 2 of treatment. Don't be fooled by the camera, my teeth aren't THAT white in real life!
The overall review
I would give this thing 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Makes your teeth visibly whiter after only a few treatments
  • Boosts your confidence! :)
  • Only takes 30 minutes
  • It may highlight any pre-existing white spots/discoloration on your teeth
  • It's permanent... duh
  • Super expensive!
    • $56 for 20 treatments ($2.80/treatment),
    • or $46 for 14 treatments ($3.29/treatment)
  • Doesn't whiten the backs of the teeth  - not that noticeable though
Overall, yes I would recommend it.

Disclaimer: yes, I know my teeth were fine before. I just wanted a little extra whiteness.


  1. This might be weird but I snack on limes sometimes (yes you read that right) and they are sort of bad for enamel so I brush immediately after so my enamel is intact, but they make my teeth significantly whiter after brushing. Just a random thing...

    1. Yeah I heard that if you combine lemons and sugar (or something like that... not quite sure... don't try this at home) it whitens your teeth, so limes probably do that too! That's pretty convienent!