Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Room Decor

Here's a wallpaper for your phone, I took this picture last winter in the snow and it's currently my wallpaper! :)
This is going to be sort of a combined rant about why your room decor is so important, plus room decor suggestions. First things first...

Why is it so important for your room to be exactly the way you want it?
In my opinion, your room needs to be everything you want it to be, and it has to reflect you. Because your room is your sanctuary--that's your home base, your area, your quiet space. You have to love your room, and if that means everything being pink, go ahead! Decorate it so that you love everything about it, and you can't wait to go home after school. Your room also has to reflect you. It needs to be personalized. If you love cats, put up tons of cat posters. When your friends come over, your room should represent you.

My goal for my bedroom.
I focus a lot on my bedspread and pillows. My comforter has a cool design on it, and it's mainly purple with some white and gray. I like to try and incorporate it into my holiday adjustments, such as red and green throw pillows, shams (I usually make my own pillowcases for throw pillows and shams, it's cheaper and easier. I can never find good holiday pillows in stores), and blankets. For Christmas, I hung a cute blanket on the wall, I have a mini Christmas tree, and I hung ribbon all around the room.
Other than that, I have a really cute cat poster under the plexiglass on my desk, and pictures of my grandfather's doggy all around my room.

Room decor suggestions
  • Keep your room clean and organized. It looks a thousand times better that way! Try to get rid of the clutter and throw anything out that's unneeded.
  • Decorate your bed with pillows and blankets.
  • To hang a patterened blanket on the wall: use Command hooks on the wall, and instead of putting a hole in the blanket, use safety pins to hang the blanket on the hooks. My friend came up with it, genius!
  • Shag rugs are awesome for room decor. They're awfully high maintenance though.
  • Stuffed animals on the bed are cute too.
  • Framed paintings and photos are always cool.
  • Bean bag chairs are awesome too, especially if you want a soft/fuzzy theme.

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