Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Stories 7: Yankee Swap Gone Wrong

Main takeaways of  this story:
  • Yankee swaps NEVER turn out well.
  • Teachers need to stop being so forceful.
What happened:
My advisory teacher forced us all to do a Yankee swap (nobody wanted to do it). Look it up if you don't know the rules. But basically, everyone buys a gift, and everyone gets a number, so when it's your turn, you can either open a new gift or steal someone else's. It was a $10 limit. So I bought this awesome BROOKSTONE phone screen wiper set thing, and everyone wanted it and it got stolen a bunch of times. And then when it got to my turn, there was a gift I wanted (portable phone charger) but I felt bad about stealing it, so I let someone else have it because she needs it more. So I opened a new gift. (everyone who "forgot" to bring theirs wrote the gift on a folded-up piece of paper) It was one of those pieces of paper. I opened it, and it said a $10 Dunkin Donuts gift card. That would have been fine! Not great, since I'd have to track that person down to get it, but ok. But then it turned out that was from said friend, and she LOST IT, so I had to take a new one. And you know what the new one was? A CHRISTMAS CARD!!!! And the kid who gave the non-present wasn't even here today so he didn't get to feel guilty about it.
You might be wondering how everyone else reacted. None of the students really cared, but my teacher? Oh, that's the best part. He said "I'm sorry." Yeah well SO AM I. Then he offered to trade me his Mad Libs. I said no, because he wanted it more than I do. But what comes next: even better! I asked if I could use my phone in advisory for a week as my Yankee swap gift, and he bargained 2 days. I said 2 and a half. He said 2. I said 2 and a quarter. Then he said 1. So now I get one day of using my phone in advisory. As if that swap could've made me feel any worse.

My feelings about the situation:
So said friend got the phone charger (which by the way is $15, way over the limit) and didn't give ANYTHING. And I GAVE something AMAZING and got NOTHING. I doubt I'm ever getting that Christmas card. Which would have been free, anyway. You can get those at THE DUMP.
I just lost $10. Might as well have flushed it down the fucking toilet. I will forever hate this kid as long as I live. It's definitely partially about my losing $10, but it's also the principle of it. I know he has the money to buy a freaking gift. He was just too lazy, and I paid the price for it. And he didn't even have to feel bad about it.
Main takeaway: Yankee swaps always end badly because
  • Someone ALWAYS forgets their gift.
  • Someone gets a HORRIBLE gift that nobody wants.
  • Someone steals a gift, and the victim gets really upset.
WHO thought this would be a good idea?? Oh right, MY ADVISORY TEACHER! So let's discuss that.

Forceful teachers:
So my advisory teacher forced us to do this swap that nobody wanted to do, and someone (ME) got stuck with a shitty present and lost $10.  You have no authority over me. You are a freaking teacher. You have no power. Step the fuck down. You are not a principal, or a vice principal, or even a head of the department okay? You can't make me do anything. In the future, I will stop this before it even happens. I will no longer be participating in things I'm forced into. I'll slap a bitch if I have to. I don't care what my advisory teacher says, next year there is NO WAY I'm being forced into this. NOOOOOOOOOOOO WAY. I'M SO MAD RIGHT NOW!!!

Why I'm mad right now:
  • I got stuck with a non-gift.
  • I lost $10 because of this.
  • I gave a wonderful gift and got a SUPER shitty one in return.
  • I was forced into this in the first place.
  • How my teacher reacted: by saying he's "sorry" but doing nothing about it (he's the adult in the room. It's his responsibility to fix it if something goes wrong.), and lowering his bargain to 1 day of using my phone in advisory. As if I really needed 8 extra minutes to use my phone. I can use my phone whenever I WANT anywhere else.
You know what? I'm MORE MAD at the teacher for forcing me into this in the first place than I am at the kid who gave me the non-gift.

My letter to that teacher:
Dear advisory teacher,
I will no longer be participating in gift swaps with the advisory because of my bad experience. I lost $10 after being forced to spend that $10 against my will. I feel that I shouldn't be forced to do this because it only gives me annoyance rather than holiday spirit. I was reluctant to participate in the first place, and then I wasted my money on the swap and I have good reason to not want to participate in the future. I do not want to waste for money on this advisory and should not be forced into it. The Yankee swap was a bad idea to begin with because someone always ends up upset, whether they got a bad gift, or no gift, or their gift was stolen. Yankee swaps never end well, and it was your responsibility to prevent things like this from happening.

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