Saturday, December 20, 2014

Why I text people even if they don't answer

I noticed that I text people a lot, even when they don't answer.
I'm always that person who sends 5 paragraphs to their 3 words. Here's why.
This is an explanation of why I send multiple texts about something even when the recipient doesn't respond.

When something happens to me, I text someone right away to tell them about it. Usually I want to tell someone because

  • It's interesting or
  • I need to get it out
  • I need to rant about it
But it doesn't really matter who it is, because I need to tell SOMEONE (sometimes that someone is my blog... It's like my diary). Who that someone is doesn't really matter because
  • I'm not expecting any advice or a helpful response.
  • I'm actually not even looking for an answer at all.
  • If they don't answer, it probably won't even matter to me.
So how do I decide who to text?
  • Instinct. Whatever feels right (lol)
  • Whoever I texted most recently
  • Whoever I talked to/hung out with recently
  • The default is usually my group text, because I'm texting multiple people at once.
  • Someone who is a good person to talk to/rant to.
    • Friends who usually listen and agree when I rant about something
  • Someone who is non-judgemental
  • Someone who cares. I don't want to rant to someone who sits there going "k" to every paragraph I send.

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