Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ditch the "Under God" Line in the Pledge?

I was on PT (the forum app for girls that I sometimes talk about), and this was brought up because the girl's sister was kicked out of class because she didn't stand up for the pledge.
I know my peeps love these political debate posts, and I was reading Time magazine earlier today, so let's give it a shot!

  • We can keep it in, but give people the right to decide whether to say that line or not.
  • Show respect for your country and the people who fought for it in all of our wars.
  • It represents that we are unified, as one country working together.
  • They could reword it, but they won't. They just won't.
  • It's a tradition.
  • This nation was founded under Christianity. It represents this nation's roots.
  • It's a patriotic symbol.
  • America is about 77% Christian (I couldn't get any solid facts. The estimations range from 73-77-78-86%, but the most common was around 77). Most of the people are Christian.
  • Maybe it's fair for Christians and non-Christians to keep the line in the Pledge, but it's not completely fair for people who don't believe in Christianity because they don't say "under Allah" or "under the purple dinosaur" either. If you're going to have "under God," you can't claim it's fair without having "under..." the other religions too.
  • If it represents that we are unified, it could be reworded like "one nation together," etc.
  • Making children, from a young age, stand and chant words they don't even understand to a flag is wrong... And when I was in kindergarten, I'm pretty sure I had no idea what God was.
  • Times change and the Pledge should change with it. America isn't all Christian anymore.
  • Kids should have the option to choose whether or not to say the line, but it's respectful to stand--however this should not be mandatory either, since America is a free country.
  • No one should have to do anything. Everyone has the right to decide. Since this line is currently in the Pledge, you shouldn't have to say it.
My personal opinion: here's what everyone is dying to know. I personally think that we should ditch the "under God" line because there are lots of young people in particular who are atheist, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and you-name-it. With the rising rate of athesim particularly, combined with the fact that 23% of America (the non-Christians) is a LOT of people, I think that we should be religion tolerant and replace the line with something to a similar effect such as "in unity" or "as a nation standing together."

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