Friday, January 9, 2015

Brain Spill: Friends, FedEx & Resolutions

So, my U key on my laptop broke. Now it is difficult to use the U key.
Anyway, as usual I am reporting back on the topics I have been thinking about all day.

Taking Friends for Granted
I have an extremely close-knit friend group. Everyone is really good friends with each other (for the most part. I can't speak for some of the other girls), and I'm honestly really fucking greatful that I have this amazing group of friends. I feel supremely lucky. My friends are like family to me. I know them like the back of my hand. And sometimes I see people taking their friends for granted. You really have to appreciate your friends and all they've done for you and gone through with you. You can't be horrible and inconsiderate to them and expect them to be there when you're finished.

I officially despise FedEx. When my curling wand and flat iron came via FedEx around Christmastime (it required a signature), the package first came at 10am on a Saturday. My dad was home at the time, but he had no idea the FedEx delivery guy had come until we saw the note on the door. At the time, I just assumed he didn't hear the doorbell. But today I was talking to my friend, and she ordered a laptop online. She was complaining because her FedEx delivery guy didn't ring the doorbell at ALL. So now we know what really happened when my dad "didn't hear the doorbell."
So, what, do they not want us to get our packages? But don't they have to keep coming back until we get the package?
Nope. They have a "1st Attempt, 2nd Attempt, Final Attempt" policy, and they send it back to the sender after the final attempt.
I came to the conclusion that if you actually want your package, you need to go online and have it sent to a FedEx location near you and go pick it up, or sign on the note they left last time so that next time they will leave it at the door instead of leaving without your signature.
COME ON, FEDEX! Can't you do any better than that?!

New Year's Resolution
I heard somewhere that the most successful people make new year's resolutions. So I decided to try it. Here's mine:
  1. Try more dangerous/risky things. Ex. stealing a small insignificant item from a busy store like a ring from Forever21.
  2. Study harder for tests. I tend to look over my notes 2 times and consider myself studied. And then when I walk in the room, I feel utterly unprepared.
  3. Get a job, possibly. Or get more babysitting jobs. This is kind of more of a wish than a goal. I just like to be self-sufficient and pay for my own crap.

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