Thursday, February 19, 2015

Unfair Things About Being a Female

Inspired by yesterday's post.
Be empowered.
  1. Victim-blaming. "What were you wearing when you were raped?"
  2. Having to be scared of getting raped 24/7. The rape clock.
  3. Being disappoved of for being a feminist.
  4. Being judged.
  5. Not being taken seriously.
  6. My emotions and opinions being invalidated when I'm on my period.
  7. Boobs - the bounce when you're running, worrying about the size
  8. Always wondering if a guy likes me for ME or my appearance.
  9. Being told that I have to be submissive to men.
  10. Being objectified.
  11. Being told my only job is to clean, cook, and raise kids.
  12. Sexual harassment.
  13. Rape.
  14. Periods.
  15. Period supplies being so expensive. I don't want to pay for something I didn't ask for.
  16. Being treated inferior to men. Is gender equality so much to ask?
  17. I'm expected to "act like a lady."
  18. Double standards.
  19. That if a girl sleeps with a bunch of guys, she's a slut. But if a guy sleeps with a bunch of girls he's a player.
  20. Being assumed that I'm weak.
  21. Having my toes stepped on.
  22. Being compared to one another. Some girls are so competitive.
  23. Comparing myself to photoshopped models in magazines. Having to be insecure about my body.
  24. Being the recipient of catcalling/wolf whistles.
  25. Getting the look up and down.
  26. Lack of rights.
  27. Having to shave every inch of my body.
  28. Sexism.
  29. Not being able to gain muscle as easily as males.
  30. Decisions being made for us. Ex. Abortion legality
  31. Having to worry about being taller than your boyfriend.
  32. Having small pockets.
  33. Having to wear certain things and look a certain way. Ex. having long hair and skinny jeans.
  34. Expectations of being perfect and beautiful and womanly.
  35. It's just easier to be a guy.
  36. Women get paid 78 cents to the man's dollar.
  37. Men can lose weight SO MUCH EASIER.
A lot of my posts have been leading up to this. Notice how I linked lots of old posts?
Empower yourself. Don't let people step on your toes.


  1. Haha. good realization of reality.

    Rule 1: Human natural order.
    God created you girls as such. You have to go through the pains/cramps of period every month. God created you as such. You have to give birth and have a baby's head forced through your pussy. God created you as such. You feel turned on when being thrown on the bed by your lover and being dominated and told what to do. You do not know why you feel like this but you like it because you get turned on. God created you as such. You have to wear bras to support those tits. God created you as such. You are physically weaker than men. God created you as such. So live with it.

    Rule 2: It is a man's world

    HuMAN. KINGdom. HE/she. Every MAN for himself. MASTER/mistress. policeMAN. MANpower. MANmade. chairMAN.

    it is our world. you girls just wear high heels that risk your ankles, short skirts that you have to keep crossing your legs to hide your pussy, lipsticks that make us men want to wrap those around our dicks, low cut blouses for us men to peep into your tits while everytime you bend down you have to place your hand over, make up that make you look like our porn fantasy fucking bitch, etc. the list goes on and on and on.

    can you change this? No. Rule 2 maybe yea kinda a little but Rule 1 will always support Rule 2. and you can't "can't" have periods. you can't "can't have tities. So Rule 1 stays. Live with it.

  2. I'm not a misogynist, or a sexist. I'm just a realist. Sorry Julia but that is just the reality. As you pointed it out yourself.

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  4. Oh yea on additions to the words:

    Grow some BALLS (brave). Don't be a PUSSY (weak). Be a MAN, do the right thing. "Women and children can be careless, but not men" by the Godfather Part 1. Cocksucker (insulting but girls do suck cocks/realistic). Bang/Bone/Screw/Fuck (makes the women sound like an object being acted upon for men's pleasure only).

    1. Thanks for popularizing my blog!! Oh and I don't believe in god. I'm atheist.

    2. okay, a free tinker then.

    3. better still you do not believe in god. just replaced "God" in rule no1 with "Nature" then which is "It is because it is"