Monday, March 30, 2015

Why I Hate School

Before starting this post: I've been posting a lot more lately, and I hope it's not annoying. The reason why is that the more I go on the Internet and talk to people in real life, the more I get inspiration for blog posts, and I've been doing both more recently.

Disclaimer:  I'm aware that I'm being a bit hypocritical, because in my Response to 'Don't Stay in School' post, I defended school. This is because I hate school but I don't blame school for being terrible. It's inevitable.

To introduce this topic, allow me to enlighten you with where I got my inspiration from for this topic. Last week a friend of mine who had been recently introduced to my blog asked me, "Do you really hate school?", and I know the answer is a firm yes but I'm finding it difficult to articulate why. It's not just the little things like my school pet peeves. It's bigger ideas too, such as
  • Teachers do everything in their power to overwhelm me. Don't they understand that they can't tell me about the next upcoming test the second I finish the one I've been studying for all week?
  • Other people seem to have given up and don't even try to get good grades anymore. That would be fine by me (it's your decision, doesn't affect me), except for group projects (you guys know how much I hate those). If I do all the work, you bet your ass I'm writing you a bad partner evaluation. Group projects are never group projects. There's always one person doing most of the work.
  • If other kids label you as Smart / an Honors Kid, they'll only talk about school with you and once they realize you're taking some ACP classes, they'll look down on you in a vain or conceited way. However if they label you as Stupid / Dumb / Lazy / an ACP/CP Kid, they'll still look down on you but in a more piteous way, as though they feel bad for you and don't blame you for being dumb. How about you just act normal to me? I have to say though, this is a good way to weed out people who aren't truly your friends.
  • The environment at school is toxic. It teaches kids to aim for good grades instead of to learn and that school is more important than learning life lessons by having a job, doing chores and stuff around the house, spending time with family, enjoying yourself, and making a difference in the world. It teaches you that if you aren't the best student, you'll spend the rest of your life probably in prison or working at McDonald's. It also teaches you that your life's mission is to get into a good college--which is a terrible goal to have in your life. What will you do with your life once you're accepted into college? You'll have no hobbies, no life, no friends, and a horrid personality. Tbh you're probably an asshole. School is NOT a hobby. School is NOT your life. Your hobbies are your life. Don't let school consume you.
  • When you have so many tests upon tests upon tests, they start to lose their value. You know, like inflation. Tests aren't so big a deal anymore when you have multiple of them every day. Which leads to you not studying as much and not caring as much. You should care! Just don't let caring about school be the only thing you do and the only thing on your mind at all times.
  • I used to find school enjoyable because I got my see my friends during classes and at lunch. But not anymore. I'm lucky if I get to see a friend or two for 10 minutes a few times a week. That's not the way it should be. Your friends are like the family you get to choose, and you see your family every day. I have nothing to look forward to anymore. So hence I chew gum basically all day at school because it makes the schooling experience slightly more enjoyable, and every bit counts.
  • School is a never-ending black hole of work. Every day another teacher tells me about an upcoming test or quiz or project or essay. They add up. And teachers sometimes even tell me about two assignments at a time. Sometimes I have up to 10 big assignments per week. Every week I tell myself, "next week will be better." But it never is. "Next week I'll be all done with my project and my essay." But then teachers assign a new one. "I'm going shopping this weekend!" and then I come home and face the harsh reality of school. Fuck school. Fuck that. Fuck everything. I'm so done.
Life's a bitch.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Public Toilet Protocol

When you use a public toilet, do you just sit down, wipe the toilet off, squat, or cover with toilet paper?

  • More sanitary. Public toilets are "gross."
  • I don't know, prevents you from touching the seat?

  • Obviously you should wipe off any visible substances from the toilet seat.
  • Some people are too short to squat.
  • You need some leg muscles to hold a squat for that long.
  • According to Huffington Post, phones and tablets are dirtier than toilet seats. And you put your phone up to your face all day long, and think nothing of it.
  • You'll build up your immune system!
  • This method is good for lazy people. No extra work required!
  • During work or school, there usually is no time for covering with toilet paper or squatting.
  • Squatting risks getting pee all over you.
  • I do it, and I'm not dead yet.
  • Public toilets may not be any dirtier than your toilet at home. Most places have their toilets cleaned by a janitor each night, and most people don't clean their home toilets once a day.
  • Other people's butts are likely just as clean as your butt.
  • StP devices (Stand to Pee). It's like a funnel. This way, you don't even touch the toilet! Although I imagine it would be awkward to wash that out in a public sink. And unsanitary too.
  • Train yourself to pee standing up. Learn how here.
So you can tell I'm partial to Normal/Wipe. Some people might think it's gross, but I personally think it's the most time & effort effective.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Comment Response: Does the Friendzone Exist?

I was watching Jasonhorton's She's NOT Out of Your League video (the reason I specifically mention the video's name is because I have no idea what this comment has to do with the video itself. But that's besides the point anyway).
This is not a comment that angers me, per se, it more mildly irritates me because it's wrong. The friendzone 100% exists.
Kelly Jarvis argues the friendzone doesn't exist because it's used as another way to reject someone (I didn't like that she used the example of sleeping with someone. However, that's not the only or most common use of the friendzone, and it shows that she's exaggerating to prove her point, which proves that she's annoying more than it proves her point).
But I counter that the friendzone is used as a way to preserve friendships and prevent them from becoming relationships. It's not for strangers or people you just met that you don't want to go out with, it's for your friends who you're not attracted to in that way and you'd rather be friends with them than date them. I say it's a specific reasoning for rejecting someone, not rejecting someone in general.
Being "friendzoned" means your friend doesn't want to be more than friends. It doesn't mean a girl you just asked out said no.

In short, I believe that the friendzone does exist!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Comment Response: "don't teach how to avoid being raped. teach not to rape."

The comments have been taking from Trisha Paytas's "Avoid Getting Raped!" YouTube video.
This comment angers me.
This comment makes me so mad because:
  1. It implies men/people don't know it's not okay to rape. Oh, they sure know. But they do it anyway, because they're sick.
  2. It implies you shouldn't take precautions to not get raped. You SHOULD! You should always do what you can to protect yourself! Better safe than sorry.
  3. Sometimes comments like these use the word "men". As in "Don't girls not to get raped. Teach men not to rape." But it's not just men who rape, and it's not just girls who get raped. That being said, most rapes occur between a man and a girl--but that doesn't speak for every rape case. Don't generalize.
Next comment in question: 
I strongly agree with this comment because:
  1. It's true--rapists know raping is not okay, but they do it anyway. They were born messed up in the head. Rapists have mental problems. You're born with that; it's not learned behavior.
  2. It's sad that we can't teach people not to rape. But you have to understand, it's simply impossible. There's nothing you can do to prevent rapists from raping. It's the sad truth. Get over it and find a new solution.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Things Teachers Do That Overwhelm Me

Please stop doing these things. Being overwhelmed is one of the worst feelings ever.
  • When teachers assign an essay/project and then never talk about it in class. First, I want confirmation that I actually have to do this now, and second, the directions are NEVER that clear.
  • Unclear/vague directions on handouts. And they wonder why everyone's asking so many questions.
  • Group projects.
  • Projects in general.
  • When teachers don't tell you the due date until four days before it's due.
  • When teachers walk you through the first few steps of a project, and then never mention it again and expect it to be done a week later.
  • When teachers assign an out-of-class project and do other stuff IN class at the same time AND assign other homework. You do know that I have other classes' stuff to do right? And now I have double shit to do for this one class? So now I basically have six majors. YOU DID THIS TO ME
  • When teachers assign multiple things at once.
  • When they don't seem to understand that I have other classes' work to do, ALONG with other stuff to do with my life. I swim (during season and half off-season), and I babysit, and I still want to have time for myself. Is that too much to ask?
  • When they over-assign homework. Each class's homework should not take over an hour.
  • When they assign homework that's too easy and everyone already understands, and yet there's tons of problems and it takes hours.
  • When all your tests/quizzes/essays/projects are all in the same week. It makes me wonder if they collaborate to plan a good week for all of them.
  • When teachers squeeze in too much work before break or before the term ends.
  • When teachers give us extra homework to make up for snow days. You do know that we get extra days tacked onto the end of the year FOR THIS REASON, right?
  • When teachers do things that are SPECIFICALLY stated NOT to do in the school handbook.
    • "Teachers should not assign homework on drop days." *teachers proceed to assign homework on drop days*
    • "Students should not be expected to turn anything in on drop days." *teachers proceed to make due dates in drop days* IT'S BLATANTLY STATED IN THE HANDBOOK!!
  • Informing us about an upcoming test two days after our most recent test.
  • Telling us about two tests/quizzes at a time. One at a time please! I don't want to know!
  • When teachers can't explain things in a way that makes sense to anyone.
  • Having to read about black rights and things they have already drilled into our heads. WE GET IT ALREADY.
  • Hard graders.
  • Subs who grade our work differently than the real teacher.
  • Subs who are hard graders. What, you think you have the authority to do that? Well, news flash, you don't. You aren't our real teacher, you don't teach this subject or this grade on a regular basis, you don't know what you're doing.
  • Continuous vocab quizzes. They're each only 15 points, and I have to memorize 25 words for a 15 point quiz! You kidding me?! And there's no end! There's one EVERY SINGLE WEEK. That means endless studying. ENDLESS
So, bottom line is, everything about school is terrible and overwhelming and I hate school. It sounds so simple when I say it like that...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Comment Response: Are Women Inferior?

So I saw this comment on a Buzzfeed video.

And this made me mad. Not only because he spelled "conversation" wrong and had a number of spelling and grammar mistakes, but he said some VERY incorrect things. Allow me to touch on each of them.
  1. I agree that men are physically stronger. It's far easier for them to gain muscle mass. But to that I say, how does that make men superior to women? Does lifting shit make men better than women? Hell no! HOW does being able to lift stuff make men better? I just have no idea, I'm honestly confused right now.
  2. Humans would go extinct without women to birth the babies and provide eggs. Women push human parasites out of their va-jay-jays for hours! I think that's pretty badass.
  3. That being said, humans would also go extinct if the men weren't providing sperm. I'll give you that. But is it men who carry fetuses in their vaginas for nine months? No. So therefore women are 90% responsible for reproducing.
  4. Women are pretty badass. As stated, they carry HUMANS inside their uteruses for NINE MONTHS (I imagine having a huge belly can be an extremely significant obstruction in day-to-day life) and then PUSH THEM OUT through their vaginas. Also, they walk and dance in heels, which are unbearably uncomfortable. And put sticks in their eyes. And breastfeed babies. And wear painful bras. And have to act completely normal while blood is streaming out of their organs once a month. NONE of these things make them inferior--they make them badass! You think men could deal with all that?
  5. I agree, there are some whiny bitches in BuzzfeedVideo comments complaining about sexism where there isn't any. It's not just women though. In every female-protagonist Buzzfeed video, men complain about feminism and masculism.
  6. Showing skin and having body appreciation are NOT things to be ashamed of. Society has this standard where girls who show too much skin are "sluts" and anything remotely related to sex makes a woman a "slut." But when men do this in rap songs etc., nobody says a word. Do I detect a double standard here?
  7. Because of the way humans are built, there are pros and cons of being a man or a woman. But they pretty much equal out. So no matter what you are, don't complain and don't put down another gender.

Monday, March 16, 2015

(Un)Relatable Group Project Stuff

Because I am that kid.
  • Ordering the names in the order people contributed to the project. "By Julia, Person X, and Person Y" = by mostly Julia, sort-of Person X, and probably not Person Y.
  • Being that kid who doesn't let anyone else do stuff because you know they'll do it wrong.
  • Not exactly preventing them from doing stuff, but doing the bulk of the work before they have a chance to, and not asking them to do any of it.
  • Even though you're doing the project basically yourself, you're glad to have the companionship of a group project and knowing you're not entirely alone.
  • Knowing you'll be their savior and they're super lucky to have you in their group.
  • Feeling obligated to work with your friends, even though you know you'll end up doing all the work yourself (on the rare occasion you don't want to do it yourself).
  • Being the last person picked for a group project because you don't have any friends in that class.
  • Witnessing too much flirting for comfort. Please get a room.
  • Trying to keep everyone on track during in-class working time.
  • Watching everyone else flirt and laugh and have fun while you're solemnly typing away.
  • Wanting to boss everyone else around but being too shy.
  • Bossing everyone around and being amazed at how easy it is.
  • When people try to boss YOU around or THEY try to take control of the group. Bitch no.
  • When you lose power of the group and someone else takes over and you lose your voice.
  • Being quiet in the corner in a big group with an outgoing person as the leader and being the leader in a small group with shy people.
  • Being labeled the "smart one" of the group in ACP classes and the "stupid one" of the group in Honors classes (even though neither is usually true).
  • Having to get the whole group together to work on the project despite your doing it alone.
  • Having to coordinate a time that works for everyone even though it's pretty much your project and they will not contribute.
  • Watching other groups work together and being amazed.
  • But at the same time knowing that if you let them do stuff and their part is shit, the teacher will know which part you did and which part they did based on the quality of the work.
  • Being labeled the "stupid one" and getting all the easy jobs, and then going home and doing the entire thing by yourself the second you get home and showing them how it's done.
  • Doing fancy things and going above and beyond with graphics and computer stuff in an effort to get an A whilst enjoying yourself.
  • You pretend you hate "fun" group projects when you're secretly enjoying every second of it.
  • Getting away with doing as little as possible by starting the Google Doc and doing all the formatting and computer stuff.
  • Having a lot of trouble choosing the font.
  • Not being able to or having the desire to get other group members to do anything.
  • Doing most of the work to show them you're not the "stupid one."
  • Knowing exactly how you want the entire thing to look the second the assignment is handed to you.
  • Having that vision in your head and the final product being a carbon copy of it.
  • Having it be a lot more difficult than you expected to achieve said vision. But you do it anyway, and go to great lengths to do so.
  • You have a lot of trouble accepting that your project may have some minor discrepancies with your vision.
  • Hating letting anyone else do any work. I WANT TO DO IT MYSELF!
  • Not getting credit for doing the whole thing yourself.
  • Interruptions--going to the bathroom, eating dinner, taking a shower, babysitting, other homework. I want to get this done!
  • Wanting to get it over with yet wanting to bask in the enjoyment of doing the project.
  • Finishing it weeks early and wanting the teacher to know it.
  • Finishing it before anyone else gets a chance to type one word.
  • Doing it all yourself because you like to be familiar with and responsible for every word on that page.
  • Not accepting other people's suggestions. "Kill your darlings" but my darlings are better than yours!
  • Doing the entire project and then forgetting to print it out.
  • That moment of panic when you think you forgot it at home.
  • Getting other people to bring in the food and real-life props because you just did all the work and now you're done.
  • Getting an A and realizing you could've gotten away with doing a lot less work for the same A.
  • Cursing that you have to do it on Google Docs even though you don't even need the rest of the group. But Word is so much better!
  • Knowing yours is so much better than everyone else's.
These are probably not relatable at all for you. But I still thought it was worth putting out there. And I am aware that some of these contradicted each other. They were meant to.
Happy early St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Domain Name

Just wanted to let everyone know that I now have a new domain name at
Same blog, new domain. The old domain still works temporarily at
so EITHER link works. Soon I'll change the "backup" domain to

which is currently available, unlike, which is what I originally wanted when I made this blog over a year ago.
I just wanted to warn everyone before I permanently switch over. I'll probably delete this post at some point. I'll probably switch over a week from now or so, but in the meantime the new .tk address WORKS and will continue to work for 3 months until my subscription ends (when I'll get a new subscription).

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Video Response: "Don't Stay in School"

I have a few points to make:
  • Not all of the things he mentioned in the video are useless to learn.
    • French - helps you become a well-rounded person, and in case you decide to visit France one day. Also, it's just a really good thing to know.
    • Dissecting a frog - that was to help you learn about your own human anatomy. I believe this is definitely something you should know.
    • Prime numbers - this may be helpful in your future occupation
  • Some of those things ARE taught as electives.
    • How to pay taxes - take Personal Finances, or pay TurboTax to do them for you
    • How to vote - not sure, but my advisory teacher mentioned it
    • How to look after my health - that's what health class is for! It's required!
    • "What laws there are" - there's a "the law and you" class.
    • Stocks - I'm sure there's some college class out there. Or look it up. It's not really a basic thing that everyone knows.
    • Discussing domestic abuse - learn how to protect yourself by taking a self defense course
  • You can find out some of them by doing a quick Google search.
    • 30 human rights - look it up. See here or here.
    • "What laws there are" - We have common law in the U.S., so you would have to find court cases to do this. Common law is designed so that you don't have to see the list of laws to know what's legal and illegal.
    • What an affidavit is - you should probably look that shit up
  • School is probably not the place to seek some of this information.
    • Having a kid - The majority of high schoolers aren't thinking about getting pregnant, so I feel like it wouldn't be that popular a course. However, if you're a pregnant teen I'd visit your local Planned Partenthood.
    • Basic first aid - join Boy/Girl Scouts
    • Money - it's produced and managed by the government.
  • You can't improve just one high school. If all those "useless" subjects are not mandatory, these kids won't get into college because they didn't take the required courses. So you'd have to revolutionize all the colleges too, and for that you'd have to revolutionize all the rest of the high schools, and because of that all the universities too. Yeah, sounds feasible.
  • It's unlikely that one person can make that big of a difference. But making this video definitely helps a little. Hey, it's not like I'm going out and making this video.
I'm not trying to stultify this guy's YouTube video. I'm just trying to bring it to everyone's attention that school may not be as useless as everyone thinks it is. We don't need to play the blame game. A lot of the points he made in the video are true, but he's making school out to be this horrible thing we're all forced to do. It's not all bad. There are some life lessons we learn from school.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

School Pet Peeves

I made a similar post a while ago called Things I Hate About School. Check it out.
  1. When people walk on the wrong side or the middle of the hallway
  2. When people stand and talk in the middle of the hallway
  3. Chewing with your mouth open.
  4. Slow walkers. I don't know about you, but I'm trying to get to class!
  5. When teachers say it's just an hour of homework and it ends up taking five hours
  6. Students who think they're better than the teacher and argue with him/her.
  7. Opening loud wrappers in school.
  8. Pants sagging. No, it is not cool to see your underwear AND the pair of shorts you're wearing under your ill-fitting pants.
  9. Unhelpful guidance counselors
  10. When the teacher takes class time to answer a stupid question that everyone else already knows the answer to.
  11. Students who aren't here to learn.
  12. When someone waves at you and you wave back, only to find the person behind you waving back.
  13. When I'm putting on my backpack and my hair gets caught under the straps and I have to either let it bubble up or lift the backpack and pull the hair out.
  14. When I'm trying to get into my locker and people are pushing past me. Yes I know it's in a busy hallway but I have a right to access my locker!
  15. When people knock you over and don't apologize.
  16. When someone spills their lunch on you and doesn't apologize.
  17. When people take all the extra chairs at your table in the library so you can't even pretend you have friends
  18. When teachers all asign projects or tests the same week
  19. When the school is really cold
  20. When you really have to go to the bathrom but you can't miss class right now
  21. Having a class on the first floor then the fourth floor
  22. When teachers don't grade on a curve when they really should
  23. When teachers don't explain the directions clearly and no one understands the assignment
  24. Pressure to take Honors, and guilt for taking ACP.
  25. Course selection. You may not be able to switch classes if you decide you're not in the class that's right for you. It's a big decision.