Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Comment Response: Are Women Inferior?

So I saw this comment on a Buzzfeed video.

And this made me mad. Not only because he spelled "conversation" wrong and had a number of spelling and grammar mistakes, but he said some VERY incorrect things. Allow me to touch on each of them.
  1. I agree that men are physically stronger. It's far easier for them to gain muscle mass. But to that I say, how does that make men superior to women? Does lifting shit make men better than women? Hell no! HOW does being able to lift stuff make men better? I just have no idea, I'm honestly confused right now.
  2. Humans would go extinct without women to birth the babies and provide eggs. Women push human parasites out of their va-jay-jays for hours! I think that's pretty badass.
  3. That being said, humans would also go extinct if the men weren't providing sperm. I'll give you that. But is it men who carry fetuses in their vaginas for nine months? No. So therefore women are 90% responsible for reproducing.
  4. Women are pretty badass. As stated, they carry HUMANS inside their uteruses for NINE MONTHS (I imagine having a huge belly can be an extremely significant obstruction in day-to-day life) and then PUSH THEM OUT through their vaginas. Also, they walk and dance in heels, which are unbearably uncomfortable. And put sticks in their eyes. And breastfeed babies. And wear painful bras. And have to act completely normal while blood is streaming out of their organs once a month. NONE of these things make them inferior--they make them badass! You think men could deal with all that?
  5. I agree, there are some whiny bitches in BuzzfeedVideo comments complaining about sexism where there isn't any. It's not just women though. In every female-protagonist Buzzfeed video, men complain about feminism and masculism.
  6. Showing skin and having body appreciation are NOT things to be ashamed of. Society has this standard where girls who show too much skin are "sluts" and anything remotely related to sex makes a woman a "slut." But when men do this in rap songs etc., nobody says a word. Do I detect a double standard here?
  7. Because of the way humans are built, there are pros and cons of being a man or a woman. But they pretty much equal out. So no matter what you are, don't complain and don't put down another gender.

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