Thursday, March 26, 2015

Comment Response: Does the Friendzone Exist?

I was watching Jasonhorton's She's NOT Out of Your League video (the reason I specifically mention the video's name is because I have no idea what this comment has to do with the video itself. But that's besides the point anyway).
This is not a comment that angers me, per se, it more mildly irritates me because it's wrong. The friendzone 100% exists.
Kelly Jarvis argues the friendzone doesn't exist because it's used as another way to reject someone (I didn't like that she used the example of sleeping with someone. However, that's not the only or most common use of the friendzone, and it shows that she's exaggerating to prove her point, which proves that she's annoying more than it proves her point).
But I counter that the friendzone is used as a way to preserve friendships and prevent them from becoming relationships. It's not for strangers or people you just met that you don't want to go out with, it's for your friends who you're not attracted to in that way and you'd rather be friends with them than date them. I say it's a specific reasoning for rejecting someone, not rejecting someone in general.
Being "friendzoned" means your friend doesn't want to be more than friends. It doesn't mean a girl you just asked out said no.

In short, I believe that the friendzone does exist!

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