Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Comment Response: "don't teach how to avoid being raped. teach not to rape."

The comments have been taking from Trisha Paytas's "Avoid Getting Raped!" YouTube video.
This comment angers me.
This comment makes me so mad because:
  1. It implies men/people don't know it's not okay to rape. Oh, they sure know. But they do it anyway, because they're sick.
  2. It implies you shouldn't take precautions to not get raped. You SHOULD! You should always do what you can to protect yourself! Better safe than sorry.
  3. Sometimes comments like these use the word "men". As in "Don't girls not to get raped. Teach men not to rape." But it's not just men who rape, and it's not just girls who get raped. That being said, most rapes occur between a man and a girl--but that doesn't speak for every rape case. Don't generalize.
Next comment in question: 
I strongly agree with this comment because:
  1. It's true--rapists know raping is not okay, but they do it anyway. They were born messed up in the head. Rapists have mental problems. You're born with that; it's not learned behavior.
  2. It's sad that we can't teach people not to rape. But you have to understand, it's simply impossible. There's nothing you can do to prevent rapists from raping. It's the sad truth. Get over it and find a new solution.
This is probably another topic for another post, but I also hate victim-blaming for wearing revealing clothing especially for rape cases. Obviously, girls shouldn't show their junk to the world and doing so would make them more prone to sexual harassment, but even so, it is so not their fault if they get sexually harassed/raped. Sure, they allowed themselves to be more prone to rape but it's not like they're saying, "Hey, rape me! Please!" This tactic is used to justify raping. That's like saying it's not your fault you ate the cake because someone left it sitting there. YOU still ate it!

Overall, rape is the sickest, most intimate and mentally scarring event that could possibly happen to someone. Take your precautions, but if it happens to you, don't blame yourself and don't let others blame you or brainwash you into blaming yourself. It's not your fault. There's nothing you can possibly do to ensure you won't get raped.

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