Sunday, March 29, 2015

Public Toilet Protocol

When you use a public toilet, do you just sit down, wipe the toilet off, squat, or cover with toilet paper?

  • More sanitary. Public toilets are "gross."
  • I don't know, prevents you from touching the seat?

  • Obviously you should wipe off any visible substances from the toilet seat.
  • Some people are too short to squat.
  • You need some leg muscles to hold a squat for that long.
  • According to Huffington Post, phones and tablets are dirtier than toilet seats. And you put your phone up to your face all day long, and think nothing of it.
  • You'll build up your immune system!
  • This method is good for lazy people. No extra work required!
  • During work or school, there usually is no time for covering with toilet paper or squatting.
  • Squatting risks getting pee all over you.
  • I do it, and I'm not dead yet.
  • Public toilets may not be any dirtier than your toilet at home. Most places have their toilets cleaned by a janitor each night, and most people don't clean their home toilets once a day.
  • Other people's butts are likely just as clean as your butt.
  • StP devices (Stand to Pee). It's like a funnel. This way, you don't even touch the toilet! Although I imagine it would be awkward to wash that out in a public sink. And unsanitary too.
  • Train yourself to pee standing up. Learn how here.
So you can tell I'm partial to Normal/Wipe. Some people might think it's gross, but I personally think it's the most time & effort effective.

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