Monday, March 16, 2015

(Un)Relatable Group Project Stuff

Because I am that kid.
  • Ordering the names in the order people contributed to the project. "By Julia, Person X, and Person Y" = by mostly Julia, sort-of Person X, and probably not Person Y.
  • Being that kid who doesn't let anyone else do stuff because you know they'll do it wrong.
  • Not exactly preventing them from doing stuff, but doing the bulk of the work before they have a chance to, and not asking them to do any of it.
  • Even though you're doing the project basically yourself, you're glad to have the companionship of a group project and knowing you're not entirely alone.
  • Knowing you'll be their savior and they're super lucky to have you in their group.
  • Feeling obligated to work with your friends, even though you know you'll end up doing all the work yourself (on the rare occasion you don't want to do it yourself).
  • Being the last person picked for a group project because you don't have any friends in that class.
  • Witnessing too much flirting for comfort. Please get a room.
  • Trying to keep everyone on track during in-class working time.
  • Watching everyone else flirt and laugh and have fun while you're solemnly typing away.
  • Wanting to boss everyone else around but being too shy.
  • Bossing everyone around and being amazed at how easy it is.
  • When people try to boss YOU around or THEY try to take control of the group. Bitch no.
  • When you lose power of the group and someone else takes over and you lose your voice.
  • Being quiet in the corner in a big group with an outgoing person as the leader and being the leader in a small group with shy people.
  • Being labeled the "smart one" of the group in ACP classes and the "stupid one" of the group in Honors classes (even though neither is usually true).
  • Having to get the whole group together to work on the project despite your doing it alone.
  • Having to coordinate a time that works for everyone even though it's pretty much your project and they will not contribute.
  • Watching other groups work together and being amazed.
  • But at the same time knowing that if you let them do stuff and their part is shit, the teacher will know which part you did and which part they did based on the quality of the work.
  • Being labeled the "stupid one" and getting all the easy jobs, and then going home and doing the entire thing by yourself the second you get home and showing them how it's done.
  • Doing fancy things and going above and beyond with graphics and computer stuff in an effort to get an A whilst enjoying yourself.
  • You pretend you hate "fun" group projects when you're secretly enjoying every second of it.
  • Getting away with doing as little as possible by starting the Google Doc and doing all the formatting and computer stuff.
  • Having a lot of trouble choosing the font.
  • Not being able to or having the desire to get other group members to do anything.
  • Doing most of the work to show them you're not the "stupid one."
  • Knowing exactly how you want the entire thing to look the second the assignment is handed to you.
  • Having that vision in your head and the final product being a carbon copy of it.
  • Having it be a lot more difficult than you expected to achieve said vision. But you do it anyway, and go to great lengths to do so.
  • You have a lot of trouble accepting that your project may have some minor discrepancies with your vision.
  • Hating letting anyone else do any work. I WANT TO DO IT MYSELF!
  • Not getting credit for doing the whole thing yourself.
  • Interruptions--going to the bathroom, eating dinner, taking a shower, babysitting, other homework. I want to get this done!
  • Wanting to get it over with yet wanting to bask in the enjoyment of doing the project.
  • Finishing it weeks early and wanting the teacher to know it.
  • Finishing it before anyone else gets a chance to type one word.
  • Doing it all yourself because you like to be familiar with and responsible for every word on that page.
  • Not accepting other people's suggestions. "Kill your darlings" but my darlings are better than yours!
  • Doing the entire project and then forgetting to print it out.
  • That moment of panic when you think you forgot it at home.
  • Getting other people to bring in the food and real-life props because you just did all the work and now you're done.
  • Getting an A and realizing you could've gotten away with doing a lot less work for the same A.
  • Cursing that you have to do it on Google Docs even though you don't even need the rest of the group. But Word is so much better!
  • Knowing yours is so much better than everyone else's.
These are probably not relatable at all for you. But I still thought it was worth putting out there. And I am aware that some of these contradicted each other. They were meant to.
Happy early St. Patrick's Day!

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