Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Video Response: "Don't Stay in School"

I have a few points to make:
  • Not all of the things he mentioned in the video are useless to learn.
    • French - helps you become a well-rounded person, and in case you decide to visit France one day. Also, it's just a really good thing to know.
    • Dissecting a frog - that was to help you learn about your own human anatomy. I believe this is definitely something you should know.
    • Prime numbers - this may be helpful in your future occupation
  • Some of those things ARE taught as electives.
    • How to pay taxes - take Personal Finances, or pay TurboTax to do them for you
    • How to vote - not sure, but my advisory teacher mentioned it
    • How to look after my health - that's what health class is for! It's required!
    • "What laws there are" - there's a "the law and you" class.
    • Stocks - I'm sure there's some college class out there. Or look it up. It's not really a basic thing that everyone knows.
    • Discussing domestic abuse - learn how to protect yourself by taking a self defense course
  • You can find out some of them by doing a quick Google search.
    • 30 human rights - look it up. See here or here.
    • "What laws there are" - We have common law in the U.S., so you would have to find court cases to do this. Common law is designed so that you don't have to see the list of laws to know what's legal and illegal.
    • What an affidavit is - you should probably look that shit up
  • School is probably not the place to seek some of this information.
    • Having a kid - The majority of high schoolers aren't thinking about getting pregnant, so I feel like it wouldn't be that popular a course. However, if you're a pregnant teen I'd visit your local Planned Partenthood.
    • Basic first aid - join Boy/Girl Scouts
    • Money - it's produced and managed by the government.
  • You can't improve just one high school. If all those "useless" subjects are not mandatory, these kids won't get into college because they didn't take the required courses. So you'd have to revolutionize all the colleges too, and for that you'd have to revolutionize all the rest of the high schools, and because of that all the universities too. Yeah, sounds feasible.
  • It's unlikely that one person can make that big of a difference. But making this video definitely helps a little. Hey, it's not like I'm going out and making this video.
I'm not trying to stultify this guy's YouTube video. I'm just trying to bring it to everyone's attention that school may not be as useless as everyone thinks it is. We don't need to play the blame game. A lot of the points he made in the video are true, but he's making school out to be this horrible thing we're all forced to do. It's not all bad. There are some life lessons we learn from school.