Tuesday, March 10, 2015

School Pet Peeves

I made a similar post a while ago called Things I Hate About School. Check it out.
  1. When people walk on the wrong side or the middle of the hallway
  2. When people stand and talk in the middle of the hallway
  3. Chewing with your mouth open.
  4. Slow walkers. I don't know about you, but I'm trying to get to class!
  5. When teachers say it's just an hour of homework and it ends up taking five hours
  6. Students who think they're better than the teacher and argue with him/her.
  7. Opening loud wrappers in school.
  8. Pants sagging. No, it is not cool to see your underwear AND the pair of shorts you're wearing under your ill-fitting pants.
  9. Unhelpful guidance counselors
  10. When the teacher takes class time to answer a stupid question that everyone else already knows the answer to.
  11. Students who aren't here to learn.
  12. When someone waves at you and you wave back, only to find the person behind you waving back.
  13. When I'm putting on my backpack and my hair gets caught under the straps and I have to either let it bubble up or lift the backpack and pull the hair out.
  14. When I'm trying to get into my locker and people are pushing past me. Yes I know it's in a busy hallway but I have a right to access my locker!
  15. When people knock you over and don't apologize.
  16. When someone spills their lunch on you and doesn't apologize.
  17. When people take all the extra chairs at your table in the library so you can't even pretend you have friends
  18. When teachers all asign projects or tests the same week
  19. When the school is really cold
  20. When you really have to go to the bathrom but you can't miss class right now
  21. Having a class on the first floor then the fourth floor
  22. When teachers don't grade on a curve when they really should
  23. When teachers don't explain the directions clearly and no one understands the assignment
  24. Pressure to take Honors, and guilt for taking ACP.
  25. Course selection. You may not be able to switch classes if you decide you're not in the class that's right for you. It's a big decision.

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