Monday, March 30, 2015

Why I Hate School

Before starting this post: I've been posting a lot more lately, and I hope it's not annoying. The reason why is that the more I go on the Internet and talk to people in real life, the more I get inspiration for blog posts, and I've been doing both more recently.

Disclaimer:  I'm aware that I'm being a bit hypocritical, because in my Response to 'Don't Stay in School' post, I defended school. This is because I hate school but I don't blame school for being terrible. It's inevitable.

To introduce this topic, allow me to enlighten you with where I got my inspiration from for this topic. Last week a friend of mine who had been recently introduced to my blog asked me, "Do you really hate school?", and I know the answer is a firm yes but I'm finding it difficult to articulate why. It's not just the little things like my school pet peeves. It's bigger ideas too, such as
  • Teachers do everything in their power to overwhelm me. Don't they understand that they can't tell me about the next upcoming test the second I finish the one I've been studying for all week?
  • Other people seem to have given up and don't even try to get good grades anymore. That would be fine by me (it's your decision, doesn't affect me), except for group projects (you guys know how much I hate those). If I do all the work, you bet your ass I'm writing you a bad partner evaluation. Group projects are never group projects. There's always one person doing most of the work.
  • If other kids label you as Smart / an Honors Kid, they'll only talk about school with you and once they realize you're taking some ACP classes, they'll look down on you in a vain or conceited way. However if they label you as Stupid / Dumb / Lazy / an ACP/CP Kid, they'll still look down on you but in a more piteous way, as though they feel bad for you and don't blame you for being dumb. How about you just act normal to me? I have to say though, this is a good way to weed out people who aren't truly your friends.
  • The environment at school is toxic. It teaches kids to aim for good grades instead of to learn and that school is more important than learning life lessons by having a job, doing chores and stuff around the house, spending time with family, enjoying yourself, and making a difference in the world. It teaches you that if you aren't the best student, you'll spend the rest of your life probably in prison or working at McDonald's. It also teaches you that your life's mission is to get into a good college--which is a terrible goal to have in your life. What will you do with your life once you're accepted into college? You'll have no hobbies, no life, no friends, and a horrid personality. Tbh you're probably an asshole. School is NOT a hobby. School is NOT your life. Your hobbies are your life. Don't let school consume you.
  • When you have so many tests upon tests upon tests, they start to lose their value. You know, like inflation. Tests aren't so big a deal anymore when you have multiple of them every day. Which leads to you not studying as much and not caring as much. You should care! Just don't let caring about school be the only thing you do and the only thing on your mind at all times.
  • I used to find school enjoyable because I got my see my friends during classes and at lunch. But not anymore. I'm lucky if I get to see a friend or two for 10 minutes a few times a week. That's not the way it should be. Your friends are like the family you get to choose, and you see your family every day. I have nothing to look forward to anymore. So hence I chew gum basically all day at school because it makes the schooling experience slightly more enjoyable, and every bit counts.
  • School is a never-ending black hole of work. Every day another teacher tells me about an upcoming test or quiz or project or essay. They add up. And teachers sometimes even tell me about two assignments at a time. Sometimes I have up to 10 big assignments per week. Every week I tell myself, "next week will be better." But it never is. "Next week I'll be all done with my project and my essay." But then teachers assign a new one. "I'm going shopping this weekend!" and then I come home and face the harsh reality of school. Fuck school. Fuck that. Fuck everything. I'm so done.
Life's a bitch.

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  1. They also teach you that your opinions don't count unless theyre in 12 pt font and double spaced :((((