Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to Make Your Own Smoky Eye

It has come to my attention that some of my friends are unable to create their own smoky eye looks (or just eyeshadow looks in general).
Here's how I do it.
There's a basic template for all eyeshadow looks that you can apply to any color combination. Here's the formula (photo edited by yours truly).
Note: Obviously, the white (color a) is exaggerated so you can see it.
Here's how to read it: the numbers are the order in which to apply it, and the letters are the different colors (ordered from lightest to darkest).
Here's a key to all the weird words I'll be using (you'll also find it helpful on YouTube videos):
  1. Start with an eye primer. You can find these at the drugstore. They neutralize the color of the veins in your eyes, make your eyeshadow last longer, and make the colors pop.
  2. Apply color b to your whole lids. This should be neutral color or something close to your skin color. If you're not doing a look with browns, this will be a medium-light shade.
  3. Apply color c to the outer third of your lids and blend into color b.
  4. Apply color d to your crease to add dimension and blend it in to make it look more natural and diffused.
  5. Blend color e into the outer part of the crease to darken up and intensify the look.
  6. Smudge color e down to your lower lashline.
  7. Apply color b to the middle of your lower lashline to add dimension to your eyes and make them look bigger and three-dimensional.
  8. Use eyeliner or a dark brown/black eyeshadow on an angled eyeliner brush to line your upper lashline with color f and get the color as close to your lashline as possible.
  9. Add a highlight on your browbone (don't go all the way under your eyebrow like in the second picture, just add the highlight under the arch of your brow like in my [top] picture.) with color a and inner corner/tear duct area. This should always be white. Don't make it a huge white block, though. Make sure this color is understated and not very noticeable.
  10. Do your mascara and the rest of your makeup. Make sure to brush away any glittery eyeshadow fallout with a fan brush first!
And that's it! You'll get into the routine once you start doing it. I wouldn't recommend lining your waterline because it can be dangerous and the color always disappears within the hour. But if you do, do NOT use liquid liner. Use gel eyeliner preferably, or pencil if you don't have gel.

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