Monday, April 20, 2015

First Impression: Waxing

These are the waxing strips we used
My friends and I tried waxing strips for the first time.
It did not go as planned.
"The armpit was grossified." -anonymous

Here's the full story:
We went to CVS and bough these wax strips. It was hard to decide which brand to buy, but we eventually decided on these because they have the least chemicals and the most natural/organic ingredients. We then went home (in the rain) and proceeded to open the wax strips.
The first attempt was a huge FAIL. I wanted to try waxing because my armpits are starting to get a permanent razor burn from shaving and I wanted to try a longer lasting method instead. So I tried it on my armpits, followed the directions, and ripped it off. (which surprisingly, didn't hurt that much.) But instead of removing the hair, it left a sticky disgusting coating on my armpit. I guess the hair wasn't long enough. So, there was a coating of sticky wax on my armpit and I washed it in the bathtub but it wouldn't come off. So we looked it up, and thank Jesus for the Internet because they said to rub it with olive oil on a paper towel and HALLELUJAH THANK THE LORD it worked.
I was worried I'd have sticky wax on my right armpit for the rest of my life. It was painful every time my armpit skin folded over. So, it's safe to say I won't be doing it again.
Afterwards, we tried it on my friend's leg, and it actually worked (mostly). I have included a video below for your personal enjoyment (muted for my safety) and a picture of the first attempt with half a strip.
Overall judgment:
Would I recommend it? No
I give it two out of five happy faces.
Overall, I think it works but only under three conditions:

  1. If your hair is 1/4 inch or longer (which is pretty long, I don't want to let my hair grow out for that long! I like to keep it short and clean!)
  2. If you're okay with having a few stray hairs left over.
  3. If you're okay with having to wipe afterward with olive oil (which is actually kind of expensive.)
Pain: Not too bad at all. Easily bearable.

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