Monday, May 25, 2015

Pansexual Awareness Day

I have few topics to discuss today. My interest was sparked by this Tumblr post my friend sent me:
Naturally I had some disagreements with it (I'm just the contentious/argumentative type, okay?) and I'd also like to take this opportunity to enlighten you about all the different sexual orientations and romantic orientations. Shall we?

What is pansexuality? Is it different from bisexuality?
Most people think pan and bi are different, but everyone sees the discrepancy slightly differently.

My understanding is that bisexual means you're attracted to exclusively men and women (and their parts), but pansexual means you are attracted to all genders/sexes. "Bisexual" as a term was coined before there were believed to be more than two cut-and-dry genders. It was meant for people who are both gay/homosexual and straight/heterosexual. But now that definition is outdated, as it excludes intersex, transgender, and genderfluid people, so instead of updating the definition, I guess they just made up a new one? Maybe I should start "omnisexual" haha. But really though, I think the main difference is
  • Pansexuals are also attracted to people who aren't male or female. Such as intersex, transgender, genderfluid, genderqueer, demiboys/demigirls, and non-binary people. Bisexuals are attracted to just males and females.
But let me clear something up first: pansexual is not for people who just want to be politically correct. This is a valid sexuality. (will discuss this later in this post)

What does panromantic/biromantic mean?
I couldn't find a real dictionary definition to show you because they were all wrong. Urban dictionary was the best I could do, sorry about that. But thanks Urban for being almost accurate this time!
It's hard to explain, but the difference between sexual orientation (gray-a, asexual, demisexual, pansexual, bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual) and romantic orientation (aromantic, demiromantic, panromantic, biromantic, heteroromantic, homoromantic) is that sexual orientation is who you'd like to have sex with and romantic orientation is who you'd like to cuddle with and hold hands with. It's actually not just used for asexuals (asexuals are people who aren't sexually attracted to any gender/sex) or demisexals (demisexuals are people who are only sexually attracted to people who they have an emotional connection with). It is often used for asexuals and demisexuals, but it's also used for people who are not sexually attracted to the same people they're romantically attracted to. For example, someone could be a panromantic heterosexual, meaning they'd cuddle with either gender but they'd only have sex with their opposite gender. This has all gotten very confusing and disorganized so I'll just sum it all up for you.
  • Asexual (aka ace): Someone who lacks sexual attraction to any gender.
  • Gray-a: Someone who's basically asexual, but the line is blurred.
  • Demisexual: Someone who is sexually attracted to only people they have an emotional connection with. (buh-bye casual sex)
  • Pansexual: Someone who's sexually attracted to people regardless of their gender or sex.
  • Bisexual: Someone who's sexually attracted to men and women.
  • Heterosexual: Someone who's sexually attracted to the opposite sex.
  • Homosexual: Someone who's sexually attracted to the same sex.
  • Aromantic: Someone who's not romantically attracted to anyone. (completely platonic)
  • Demiromantic: Someone who is only romantically attracted to people they have an emotional connection with. (This term is QUITE seldom used. I advise you not to use it.)
  • Panromantic: Someone who is romantically attracted to people regardless of their gender or sex.
  • Biromantic: Someone who is romantically attracted to both men and women.
  • Heteroromantic: Someone who is romantically attracted to the opposite sex.
  • Homoromantic: Someone who is romantically attracted to the same sex.
 I'd like to add that many people have a different romantic orientation than sexual orientation. So you can be panromantic and heterosexual.

My disagreements (and agreements) with the Tumblr post
  • First of all, thank you for making this a trending topic on Tumblr, and thank you for including panromantics.
  • The message of this post is great! And I know the author had the best intentions. But there was one sentence that threw me off.
  • "here[']s to all of us who [c]are about hearts not parts!" - I feel like the author is almost shaming homosexuals and heterosexuals for being attracted to exclusively one gender. I disagree with this because:
    • You don't choose your sexual orientation. Otherwise, why would anyone be gay and choose to be bullied and ridiculed? Excuse you for telling me it's wrong to have a gender preference for the people I'm going to sleep with.
    • No sexual orientation is better than the others. Pansexuals are cool, yeah, but homosexuals, bisexuals, and heterosexuals are cool too. :) Pansexuals aren't better because they "don't discriminate against gender." You don't choose who you're attracted to!
    • Pansexuals aren't really decided by the fact that they don't give a shit about your gender. Pansexual people usually figure out they're pansexual by realizing they're attracted to every gender (coming from a true pansexual herself). So pansexuals do care about parts, they just care about all the parts.
      • Furthermore, you don't choose to be pansexual because you don't care about parts. You realize you're pansexual because you care about all the parts. You can't choose to be pansexual because it's trending right now. But sometimes the line is blurred and you can choose what to label yourself as, because no matter what, it won't always be 100% accurate. It's not always clear what gender(s) you're attracted to, and that's okay too.
The purpose of this post was to teach people about the different sexualities (not just pansexuality) and tell you that whatever sexual orientation you are is AWESOME and if you don't know, that's cool too! :D And sorry for hating on that Tumblr post, I just wanted to make it clear that pansexuals aren't any more politically correct than any other sexual orientation.
Anyway, happy belated pansexual awareness day!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Inspirational/Sad Songs

1. Smile Like You Mean It - The Killers
I talked about this in my "Ten Rules to Live Life to the Fullest" post, but the main message is: don't spend your life being fake. Be genuine. You'll feel more free and less negative. Live every day like it's your last. Laugh with those you care about. Enjoy yourself. Lay in the grass and ponder the meaning of life.

2. Mr. Brightside - The Killers
This song is about a real-life girlfriend of Brandon Flowers who cheated on him. He fell in love after one kiss and let himself open up to her but she betrayed him. But looking on the "Brightside", "destiny is calling him" and he knows she wasn't the one.
A lot of people will disagree with me, but I believe the message is to live in the now. Have no regrets. Don't worry. Life has a plan for you (if you believe in that sort of thing), and everything happens for a reason.

3. Hallelujah - Panic! At the Disco
This song is about taking responsibility for your "sins" and owning it because what's done is done and you can't go back in time and take back what you've done. We are all "sinners", we have all sinned. But you just have to own up to it. We've all made mistakes, and admitting them will set you free.
(I hate to point this out, but that's a high-five emoji, not a praying emoji)

4. How to Save a Life - The Fray
This song is about saving those who desperately need your help. Suicide is a 100% preventable cause of death. Stick by your friends. They need you. If your friend has depression, please help.
It was inspired by Isaac Slade's time mentoring at a camp for troubled teens. For one boy, everyone tried to force him to quit [problem] by giving ultimatums, etc. instead of supporting him and helping him through it when that was really all he needed.

5. Paradise - Coldplay
This song is about a girl whose life wasn't what she had dreamed of as a little girl. Now when she dreams, she dreams of paradise but she feels her current situation may be paradise.
To me, the message of this song is that things may not turn out the way you wanted but that doesn't mean your current life isn't just as good. We all dream of how our lives will be one day. I dream of being married with two kids and a puppy and maybe even a white picket fence. I know I might never meet someone, or I might not be able to have kids, or maybe my significant other is allergic to dogs. But if any of the above happen, yes I'll be disappointed but I'll know that's how my life is supposed to be and I have to not only make the most of it, but love it.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

False Advertising

I used to not believe in false advertising. But lately I've been looking into hedonism a lot, and I've changed my opinion on a lot of things.
If you don't know what I'm talking about (actually I'd be surprised if you did know what I'm talking about because I haven't said it yet), here's some examples of "false advertising":
  • Wearing a shirt for a band you don't listen to (I'm guilty of this. I have a Metallica shirt and I don't really like Metallica. I have one song from them. And I'm pretty sure I started listening to Madonna the day after I bought the shirt. And I bought my Pink Floyd shirt back when I only had like 3 of their songs.)
  • Wearing a cross necklace if you're not Christian. (I've considered it, because the cross is aesthetically beautiful, but I am so opposed to Christianity, I just can't.)
  • Putting an Apple sticker on a PC.
  • Wearing grunge without supporting emo beliefs.
  • Listening to a band without knowing every single fact about them.
Now, I'm not going to bash people for hating "false advertising" but I will say I think false advertising is 100% okay. Here's why:
  • Life is short. Do whatever you want.
  • To me, the goal of life is to enjoy yourself and help others do the same. If wearing that shirt for that band you don't listen will make you enjoy yourself and make you happy, GO FOR IT. BY ALL MEANS.
  • In my opinion, there's no such thing as a "guilty pleasure." Any pleasure is perfectly fine and you shouldn't feel guilty about it! (unless it's mutilating yourself or someone else. Obviously that's not okay.)
  • If you think it looks good, and you like it, wear it! Who cares what anyone else thinks?
  • There's so many fashion trends that supposedly require a certain hobby or personality. If you don't fit the bill, I say wear it anyway. You might feel a little awkward at first, but chances are, no one will say anything anyway.
So after all that, I'm going to wear my Metallica shirt to school tomorrow.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

First Impression: Gel Nail Polish

I tried gel nail polish for the first time today.

What I noticed about this kit:
  • It was on sale for $48.99, down from $58.99
  • The starter kit doesn't have many color options.
  • The nail polishes are tiny (primer, base/top, and color). I feel like I may have to buy replacements a few manicures from now.
  • Everything in it looks kinda cheapy. The labels are coming off and whatnot.
  • I've never heard of this brand before. I considered getting the Sally Hansen version but it was more expensive due to the sale on this one.
  • The polish wasn't very opaque. I needed 3 coats in some spots, and it still wasn't completely opaque. And I had to cure it for 60 sec between every coat, and 3 times for one hand, the other hand, and then thumbs.
  • Sensationail's Pink Chiffon is a close dupe for two of my regular polishes: Sally Hansen's Wedding Bliss and Good Morning Hope by Essie. To be honest, it's not a very unique color. It's still pretty, just not the most original. I wish there were more color options.
  • This brand has a small rack of more colors and a refill pack consisting of the base/top coat, primer, and cleansing thing.
  • Sally Hansen has a rack of more gel colors too, and most of theirs are better. I'm assuming you can mix and match brands, but I'll let you know when I try it in an edit of this post.
  • I'll also tell you how long it lasts and when it starts chipping in an edit of this post.
Pros and cons of gel nail polish!
  • (Supposedly) stays on longer
  • You only have to wait 1 minute for it to dry
  • It beeps at 30 sec and automatically turns off at 1 minute
  • You can shove it in regular nail polish's face! like "HA! look at me now!"
  • You have to wait 1 minute to dry between EACH coat, plus you can't fit all 10 fingers in at once so you have to do 3 rounds (four fingers on one hand, four fingers on the other hand, then both thumbs)
  • The colors aren't the most creative
  • It's expensive - the individual polishes range from $11-16 depending on the brand
  • The LED light can cause cancer
  • You have to soak your fingers in acetone then scrape it off to remove it.
So let's wait and see how long it lasts and how hard it is to scrape off!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ten Rules to Live Life to the Fullest

Please take everything I say with a grain of salt, I'm not a psychologist or anything. I don't want to hear any "directions unclear, got dick stuck in blender."

Also, I've been doing a lot deep thinking lately and not as much about superficial problems, so that explains why I haven't been posting a lot lately.

  1. Do things that scare you. Get out of your comfort zone. You'll thank me later.
  2. Live every day like it's your last. Would you rather stay in bed all day and sleep or go out and do something?
  3. Smile like you mean it. Be genuine. People will appreciate it and you'll feel better.
  4. Don't be a two-faced fake bitch (see video above). You're only hurting yourself. And whomever you bully.
  5. Spend time with those you care about, and make sure they know how much you care about them.
  6. Live while you're young. I don't mean drink and do drugs, but go out and experience the world while you're young and free and not tied down to a family and job. You won't be young forever, and when you're not, it'll be hard to let go of your youth (see video). So enjoy it while you got it. Savor your childhood.
  7. Have the courage to do what you want. Don't let other peoples' opinions or your embarrassment hold you back.
  8. Pursue your dreams to achieve them. If you want to be successful, it'll take hard work to get there.
Oops that was only eight. Oh well, ten sounds better.
Psst- the "two faced girls" thing came from the original website that said the song is about "two-faced girls with fake smiles and fake conversations."
If you're reading this, I love you and you're beautiful <3 (sorry that was cliché I know, but I mean it)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Some tag I found on Tumblr

So, I needed to post and I'm in the mood to reveal way too much information about my life, so here we go.
  1. Julia
  2. Fifteen
  3. Finals, talking to new people, needing to ask someone for help
  4. Cats, cooking, organizing
  5. Wearing clothes that actually fit, can't think of 3 more
  6. Being a douche, khaki shorts, ugly sneakers lol, messaging me creepily on Facebook
  7. tmi
  8. (demi?)pansexual (ooh surprise, now everyone knows)
  9. Never been on one
  10. 5'1" approx.
  11. Summer vacation and hanging out with my friends. Also my friend's trampoline.
  12. Something like 8:23
  13. Blue, but I also really like purple
  14. Not really
  15. "The hardest thing in this world is to live in it" -Btvs
    "Sometimes I feel like my only friend is the city I live in" -"Under the Bridge" by RHCP
    "Smile like you mean it" -"Smile Like You Mean it by The Killers
  16. My bedroom... Is that too lazy-teenagery? What if I said the pond in my town?
  17. Turkey club!
  18. Yeah, but I'm not very good at it
  19. Funny you asked that, because I'm actually listening to "We're Going to be Friends" by The White Stripes. And the window is open, so the kids playing outside and birds singing.
  20. Hair, and attitude
  21. U.S. 6
  22. Brown
  23. Medium brown
  24. I usually go for casual-cute, or sometimes Southern California/boho or just girly. Once in a while I go for preppy or rock (my Ramones shirts!). But my favorites are SoCal/boho and rock.
  25. One time my friends and I called someplace (don't remember) and asked for a pepperoni pizza.
  26. (notice that the person who wrote this skipped 26)
  27. It actually took me a really long time to think of one I liked. I originally wanted Life According to Julia but I have actually grown to like Existence According to Julia. One my friends thought of it.
  28. The Two Night Stand
  29. At this moment, it's Hallelujah by Panic! At the Disco. Honestly, I'm obsessed with it, I think I have problem. I'm listening to it right now.
  30. Cage the Elephant
  31. Blissful and content. I'm under my sheets with clean shaven legs, the window is open, I'm listening to kids playing and birds singing and music, my cat is here, and my room is clean.
  32. All of my wonderful, loyal, honest friends. (and my parents, I guess. Kidding, mom. I know you're reading this)
  33. Single as a Pringle
  34. Great
  35. Summer vacation. :P
  36. None, I'm fifteen!
  37. Three cat pawprints, maybe on my hipbone so it's easy to conceal.
  38. Tumblr: to read Dan Howell fanfics, if I'm being honest.
    My real blog: because I love to write and type. I love pressing the buttons on the keyboard, and moving my fingers along them. And I love designing my own website and having a place to put all my thoughts and ideas and rant.
  39. Haha what do you mean, "ex"?
  40. Yep! From my friends if I'm talking to them before bed (which I often am).
  41. NO, I last texted one of my best friends! Indecent, smh
  42. I held hands with one of my best friends at a chorus concert while we were walking up the stairs to the stage because she was wearing heels and forgot how to walk.
  43. It can take from 15 minutes if I'm rushing or if I already have my outfit planned out and I'm just doing my eyebrows and not a full face of makeup. Or it can take an hour if I'm taking my time and want to plan out a whole outfit and have some acne to conceal ;) I usually leave myself an hour just to be sure.
  44. Yes, I shaved my legs like three hours ago.
  45. In my bedroom, in my bed.
  46. I've never been drunk, as we could all guess, but it would probably be one of my friends. Probably one of the more responsible ones, but not too responsible that they're too uptight to be around when I'm drinking in the first place.
  47. Loud, I like to blast it and just bask in it.
  48. Yes, again I'm fifteen.
  49. Summer vacation!!!! And using this new clutch I bought at Charming Charlie (see below). I usually wear it with the chain though, and just throw it over one shoulder.
  50. My brother.
  51. Only when I pass someone I know in the hallway at school and I don't really feel like smiling. Or if I have to put up with someone I hate.
  52. On Friday, I hugged my friend in the car on the way home from semi formal.
  53. Well, I haven't kissed anyone, so that's impossible. But if that did happen, I would drop them like a hot potato.
  54. No.
  55. Not seeing my friends.
  56. Dan and Phil!
  57. Most... people? This is a weirdly worded question. I think most people are attractive (humans are very attractive organisms), but not all of them are nice or trustworthy.
    Edit: just realized what this question means after reading other peoples' replies, I spend a lot of time humming or having a song stuck in my head, and I'm often stressed about the loads of homework I have and all the stuff I have to do when I get home. Recently though, I've been spending an awful lot of time thinking about fanfictions, and how cute the main character is and all the cute stuff they do. I guess I've been really hungry for reading recently...
  58. Moving my ears, I guess. I'm pretty average. I would say my best talents are organization and makeup.
  59. I have a fear of talking to new people.
  60. Behind. I'm not photogenic.
  61. I had to think about this one a lot. I think it was about how I wasn't tired after getting 4 hours of sleep for a week straight.
  62. Neither. Texting.
  63. No and no. It's not logical.
  64. No.
  65. Yes! Luck is about things going your way just by coincidence. I believe in coincidences, obviously.
  66. 61 degrees F and partly cloudy, although it's evening and today's high was 72.
  67. Everyday by David Levithan.
  68. Yeah, I guess. It's kind of nauseating after a while though. I always thought it was weird I liked the smell of gasoline.
  69. Mint Bunny
  70. Once I was at a resort in a foreign country and was running to the hot and slipped and did a double flip into the tub and scraped a portion of skin off my hand and banged my head. I've never broken anything.
    Edit: I don't know how I didn't think of this before, but my worst injury is definitely scoliosis. My spine curves in a "gentle S shape" according to my pediatrician and this guy I went to one time for a scoliosis check-up (he did nothing, I never went back). It doesn't hinder my everyday life much, but I can't carry as many books in my backpack or for as long as other people because it hurts my back and shoulders. And people wonder why I carry my textbooks separately. *eyeroll*
  71. Save. For what, I don't know yet.
  72. No.
  73. Yeah, my room was originally pink when I designed it when I was like eight. My walls are pink, and my curtain valances that I still have from when I was younger. And I have some pink accent pillows on my bed (which has a purple comforter).
  74. Cats
  75. Not sleeping! I was reading fanfics on Tumblr.
  76. I don't believe in Satan.
    Edit: But if I did, there's no celebrities I hate enough to include here, anyway.
  77. Oh No! By Marina and the Diamonds, because of the upbeat tune, and it reminds me of my friends.
  78. Probably just by talking to me or showing interest in me and being polite.
  79. "Loyal friend."
  80. Acquiesce, it was an English vocab word but I just love the way it rolls off the tongue.
  81. Danhowellfever, isdanfictionathingyet, novacainehowell, slightlydanobsessed, and sunshine-howell. Sorry to disappoint with all the Danfic writers.
  82. "Smile like you mean it", or "enjoy life"
  83. No
  84. FLYING!! I don't need invisibility because I'm already invisible! haha that came out sounding a lot more depressing than I meant it to
  85. Hate to admit this, but "who's your best friend?" I wouldn't want to hurt any of my friends' feelings.
  86. Kitty cat! See below
  87. No.
  88. No.
  89. No.
  90. No. This shows how unpopular I am
  91. No.
  92. No.
  93. No. I guess I'm not very adventurous
  94. No.
  95. Yes! I can finally say yes! I went to the mall with my friends, luckily I didn't find anything I liked or I wouldn't have been able to buy it (I hate borrowing money).
  96. No!
  97. No.
  98. No.
  99. No.
  100. No
  101. No.
  102. No.
  103. No
  104. No
  105. No
  106. No
  107. Yes, obviously
  108. No, I don't have cable.
  109. Yes
  110. No
  111. No
  112. No
  113. NO
  114. No
  115. Yes
  116. No
  117. Lady Gaga
  118. Yes. See #8
  119. Yes, I'm taking French in school.
  120. Um yes?
  121. No
  122. No
  123. No
  124. No
  125. No
  126. No
  127. No
  128. Again, um yes?
  129. Yeah, on road trips when I was little.
  130. I've tried but was very unsuccessful.
  131. Once I bought a MAC lipglass that donated part of the proceeds to charity.
  132. No
  133. Yes, when I was little. I think my parents still have that mirror.
  134. Well, ideally a MacBook Air but that's way too expensive and I don't really need one. I would be cool with cash.
I don't own this picture, I just didn't save the link I got it from