Saturday, May 9, 2015

First Impression: Gel Nail Polish

I tried gel nail polish for the first time today.

What I noticed about this kit:
  • It was on sale for $48.99, down from $58.99
  • The starter kit doesn't have many color options.
  • The nail polishes are tiny (primer, base/top, and color). I feel like I may have to buy replacements a few manicures from now.
  • Everything in it looks kinda cheapy. The labels are coming off and whatnot.
  • I've never heard of this brand before. I considered getting the Sally Hansen version but it was more expensive due to the sale on this one.
  • The polish wasn't very opaque. I needed 3 coats in some spots, and it still wasn't completely opaque. And I had to cure it for 60 sec between every coat, and 3 times for one hand, the other hand, and then thumbs.
  • Sensationail's Pink Chiffon is a close dupe for two of my regular polishes: Sally Hansen's Wedding Bliss and Good Morning Hope by Essie. To be honest, it's not a very unique color. It's still pretty, just not the most original. I wish there were more color options.
  • This brand has a small rack of more colors and a refill pack consisting of the base/top coat, primer, and cleansing thing.
  • Sally Hansen has a rack of more gel colors too, and most of theirs are better. I'm assuming you can mix and match brands, but I'll let you know when I try it in an edit of this post.
  • I'll also tell you how long it lasts and when it starts chipping in an edit of this post.
Pros and cons of gel nail polish!
  • (Supposedly) stays on longer
  • You only have to wait 1 minute for it to dry
  • It beeps at 30 sec and automatically turns off at 1 minute
  • You can shove it in regular nail polish's face! like "HA! look at me now!"
  • You have to wait 1 minute to dry between EACH coat, plus you can't fit all 10 fingers in at once so you have to do 3 rounds (four fingers on one hand, four fingers on the other hand, then both thumbs)
  • The colors aren't the most creative
  • It's expensive - the individual polishes range from $11-16 depending on the brand
  • The LED light can cause cancer
  • You have to soak your fingers in acetone then scrape it off to remove it.
So let's wait and see how long it lasts and how hard it is to scrape off!

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