Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Death Penalty

This came up at lunch so I decided to write about it. This is basically a "capital punishment: life in prison vs death penalty" blog post.


  • People who commit crimes don't deserve to live on this earth.
  • Prison inmates sometimes get out on parole or get visited by their family. They shouldn't get that privilege.
  • Lethal injection is cheaper than feeding someone and keeping someone alive in prison.
  • Revenge
  • Give them a taste of their own medicine
  • They deserve it.
  • Don't waste taxpayers' money on people who commit crimes by giving them life in prison.
  • Tsarnaev is messed up in the head. He is insane. There's no going back.
  • Other people who want to do similar things will learn that this will happen to them too.
  • They will suffer for months waiting for the verdict or waiting to actually be killed.
  • It's not an escape because people don't want to die. Human instinct tells you to keep yourself alive.


  • "Execution is more expensive than life in prison." Which is incorrect. 
  • Life in prison is worse than dying.
  • Dying is an escape from life in prison.
  • Revenge is an animalistic instinct. We should show that we've progressed as a society.
  • Inflicting death is retrogression.
  • Killing someone doesn't show them how bad murdering is, because you're doing it too which makes it okay. It's hypocritical. Also they're dead so you can't show them anything. 
  • People who die through the death penalty are remembered. They are seen as martyrs.
  • Putting someone in prison is waiting until they're forgotten.

I feel that people who commit crimes shouldn't even be allowed the privilege of inhabiting our earth. However, my brother opened my eyes as a nonsupporter of the death penalty and instead of saying "cause prison is less expensive" or "cause killing is bad", he gave me specific reasons (listed above). So I still lean towards pro-death penalty punishment but I now see where everyone's coming from.

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