Saturday, June 13, 2015

Legalize Female Toplessness

The facts
"Green = top freedom is in effect
Orange = ambiguous state laws
Red = the mere showing of female breast in public is illegal
[according to state law]"
Sexist laws are completely legal, unlike racist ones. According to the U.S. Constitution, it's completely okay to discriminate against sex but not against race!

Why I believe it should be legal:
  • Women's breasts have been sexualized by society when in fact they're for feeding our children.
  • As for breastfeeding in public, we're feeding the next generation of life. Please remind me how that's sexual..?
  • You don't have to go topless even if it's legal. If you personally wouldn't be comfortable with doing it, that's totally okay! But don't stop other women from doing it. For example, I personally wouldn't go topless (regardless of my gender) because I'm not comfortable showing that much skin, but I think it should be acceptable for women to go topless if they want.
  • Laws shouldn't micro-manage our lives like this. I shall do whatever the fuck I want.
  • We have made women's breasts immodest for no reason.
  • If women are expected to cover it up, so should men because of gender equality!
    • It's completely acceptable (as it should be) for a FtM trans man to have a bare chest. That chest had boobs on it before! It's the same chest, but now that person identifies as male, so it's apparently okay now.
  • Boobs are oversexualized. Prime example of women being objectified.
  • Can't we just treat women's upper bodies like we treat men's? Men have boobs too!

Me crushing other people's ideas of why female toplessness should be illegal:
  • "We should just be decent and modest" - who decided that female chests are indecent and immodest? If society had groundlessly decided men's chests are indecent instead, then this whole debate would be over men, and it would sound totally normal! If society had deemed it so, men's chests could be considered equally immodest. People who say this are seeing the issue on a superficial level, as if the question were "should women wear tops in public or not?", but they're not considering why covering our chests is considered the "modest" thing to do. I bet some idiot decided that on a whim to suppress women.
Me dissing a Yahoo Answers post and crushing his ideas of why female toplessness should be illegal:
  • "How far should freedom be allowed to go without society being degraded?"
    • You're still seeing this from a superficial standpoint. Women's breasts shouldn't be considered indecent or "degrading."
  • "are these women 100% certain of their real true motivations behind the claim of "Equality", or is it simply veiled jealousy of men's ability to be seen in a non-sexual light when their shirts are off?"
    • Yes, that's exactly what it is. Women ARE jealous that men's chests aren't sexualized and women's are. Because what's the difference between a man and a woman's breasts? The woman's has more fat, and milk glands. So what makes the woman's more sexual than the man's?
    • And of course, the equality piece is also a big issue.
  • "Factually speaking, modern heterosexual men are highly attracted to women's breasts to the point of intense feverishness, and women know this... which shows... why many women might wish to have the attention poured upon them in such a way"
    • You are saying that women who go topless are seeking attention, which in my opinion is not for you to judge.
    • Who are you to judge someone's true intentions, and particularly that of a generalization of a group of people?
  • "but there are factually men who cannot control themselves when they are confronted by such an obvious and open display of female sexuality, from which breasts cannot easily or simply be removed...true or not true?"
    • first of all, smartass, your wording needs some work here.
    • Secondly, you're saying women should cover up so as not to tempt men?!?! This is an example of a good way to use the "don't teach how to avoid being raped. Teach not to rape" concept (although I don't agree with "don't teach how to avoid being raped", I do think men should be taught to control themselves).
    • It's also victim-blaming because you're telling girls that it's their fault men do inappropriate things to them because they go out in public topless.
    • Yes, it's easy for girls to not go out topless, but why should they have to? It shouldn't even be seen as bad for a girl to go out topless.
  • "perhaps the laws are in place not to 'restrict' women from their inherent freedoms, but rather to PROTECT THEM from men or persons that may simply not be able to control themselves, especially when drunk or on drugs, etc.."
    • I can protect myself, thank you very much. I don't need laws to do it for me.
    • That would be like making a law that says women can't go into dark alleys because it risks rape, or kids can't eat candy because it risks child obesity.
    • If I want to wear a top to protect myself, I will. You don't need to force me to. If I go out topless, I'm going out knowing I have a higher risk of being taken advantage of. Women aren't stupid.
  • He discusses common decency - see category above
  • "Is it not also the sovereign right of all those (the masses including small children) who would then become forced onlookers of the bare breasted women in question to have their rights upheld and not be forced to have to view legions of boob-airing women exercising their right to expose their not-necessarily-so-beautiful-looking mammaries in public?"
    • All breasts are different, and all breasts are beautiful. No one has "not so beautiful looking" breasts. This is literally the worst and most ignorant thing I've ever heard!
    • If you get the pleasure of seeing a woman naked, are you really going to think her boobs are ugly? However, you're an ignorant fuck so it's doubtful you'll ever see a woman naked. Us women know how to dodge a bullet ;)
    • Additionally, are you implying that children shouldn't be exposed variety of different looking boobs? That's like saying kids shouldn't be exposed to a variety of people from different races! Also, I hate to burst your bubble, but kids have already seen boobs as a child, because um... they were breastfed for the first couple years of their lives. ??
    • "become forced onlookers" - I'm pretty sure women have already seen boobs and men would love some extra boob in their lives. So this is invalid. Everyone either wants to see boobs or is fine with seeing boobs. (I can't speak for gay men, but you get the idea.)
  • "Women who wish to bare their breasts publicly should perhaps theoretically have the right to do so, but conversely, the innocent masses who wish to retain the freedom to be free of being forced to deal with viewing hordes of topless women parade around in public also have rights."
    • No, you have the right to your personal freedom and pursuit of happiness if it doesn't affect anyone else. (I can't say for the U.S., but the see the British Declaration of the Rights of Man)
      • "Liberty consists in the ability to do whatever does not harm another; hence the exercise of the natural rights of each man has no other limits than those which assure to other members of society the enjoyment of the same rights." - The Declaration of the Rights of Man
  • I understand that this post was written by a male.
    • This is why ours laws suck, because laws are being made FOR women BY men!
    • Men don't understand how demeaning and limiting it is to not be able to go topless in public without being arrested or seen as a slut.
    • They also don't understand how uncomfortable and how much of a nuisance bras are.
  • My question is, who wrote this post? Because women want the freedom to go topless in public, and (straight) men want to see women topless in public.
So yeah, there it is. Hope you enjoyed the post and learned something from it (took me an hour between 1:20 AM and 2:27 AM).

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