Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Things I Hate About Swimming

This will be most entertaining if you're a swimmer and you can relate.
I'm on a swim team, and there are a lot of things that suck about this sport. They're mostly minor annoyances, but I thought it was worth ranting about. :)
  1. Goggles fogging up. I don't know if it's something with the way my face is shaped, but I've used three pairs of goggles recently and they all fogged up so it must not be the goggles. Between every set, I have to pull my goggles away from my face and wipe them with my finger.
  2. Looking like a garden gnome with your cap on. Enough said.
  3. Being forced to go bare-faced. Wearing makeup is one of the joys of life, and I'm deprived of it when I swim.
  4. Looking like a melting wax doll when you forget to take off your makeup or are too lazy to before swim practice.
  5. Being famished the second you step out of the water at the end of practice.
  6. Feeling exhausted after swim practice and casually skipping chores because you're too damn tired.
  7. Misjudging where the wall is during backstroke and accidentally smashing your head against the wall.
  8. Ruining perfectly good swimwear on Stucco pool walls.
  9. Running out of time for other things because swimming is such a time-consuming sport.
  10. Having brittle hair and dry, peeling skin because of the chlorine.
  11. Feeling the tampon slide down your vagina with the force of the water when you push off the wall.
  12. Feeling water absorb into your tampon while doing breaststroke.
  13. The panic when you forget your cap, goggles, swimsuit, or towel.
  14. Looking like an idiot when your form gets sloppy near the end of practice because you're exhausted and you just want to go home.
  15. Snapping at people unwillingly after a hard swim practice because you're just crabby and irritable after all that physical exertion.
But hey, you never have to buy expensive sneakers or sweat!

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