Sunday, August 23, 2015

Apple's Pages vs. Microsoft Word

I just bought a new MacBook Air (I sound casual about it, but it was a splurge) and it came with Apple's Pages as opposed to Microsoft Word.
My first thought was, "OK, I have Pages now. I'm used to using Word, and I love Word dearly, but I'll try this with an open mind. I'm trying to be more open to new concepts and ideas. It's part of Self Improvement Summer." This hasn't been a problem yet because I haven't started school and therefore haven't needed to type a document. But I thought I should familiarize myself with Pages before I'm forced to.
Disclaimer: I'm comparing Pages 2015 on my Mac to Microsoft Word 2010 on my PC. So Word for Mac might be little bit different.

  • Pages always asks you what template you want to use before creating a new document. For Word, you have to go to File > New > Sample Templates if you want anything other than the standard blank document. But this is just Word 2010, I'm sure they fixed that in Word 2013.
  • It looks cleaner.
  • Instead of having to go to Insert > Symbols, in Pages (and on Macs in general) all you have to do is press and hold a key.
  • I have used Word 2013 on computers at school, and there are more templates preloaded on it than Pages.
  • You can't choose your own colors for a graph. Given, their color themes are great, but what if I want two specific colors to match a logo?
  • Pages doesn't have WordArt or ClipArt (obviously). For ClipArt, you can always Google Images it, for example "cat clipart" instead of "cat cartoon."
  • Pages has no "text effects" such as "outline," "shadow," "reflection," or "glow."
  • Pages calls highlighting "character fill color." It shouldn't annoy me this much, but it's just stupid! It's called highlighting! Don't try to make it sound fancy! Now I feel like I'm not getting the same thing!
  • Word Count is deep into the task bar at the top on Pages, but it's always right at the bottom on Word.
  • Word has better "Smart Art." Apple's version of Smart Art is some fancy colored graphs. There are no "Process" graphs (you know, like a flow chart) or "hierarchy" graphs (tree map). But I'm sure Apple is working on that. I didn't use any of those anyway, honestly.
  • You can't change the margins in Pages. You're stuck with the standard margins.
  • Pages files are in ".pages" format. Most people still have Word, and Word documents are in ".doc" (for 1997-2003 versions) or ".docx" (for 2006-2013 versions). I sent the Pages document to my PC and it glitched every time and I couldn't open it. However it's easy to export as a PDF, Word (yup!!), or Plain Text.
  • There is no option for a simple table. Every table has to be fancy. You can't make it un-fancy. There always has to be special colors and stuff. I don't have a color printer! It can barely do gray! If fancy is what you want, your book report is gonna look hella. But if you just want a plain and simple table, and it'll just look like you're trying too hard if it's all fancy, you're stuck.
  • Example table (the simplest table possible)

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