Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dense Swim Seasons

  1. I can relate to this:
    but not this:
  2. My friends are always available to hang out and I'm not.
  3. My friends make plans in the group chat but I can't go.
  4. Other people getting mad at me because I can never hang out and I'm MIA for three months once a year.
  5. High school going by way too quickly because I lose three months out of every year.
  6. Worrying that senior year, I'll regret spending so much time swimming.
  7. I don't actually enjoy the sport but I do it for college and no one understands.
  8. Being utterly sleep-deprived and exhausted but still having to go to swim practice.
  9. People still try to talk to you the next day after you had a 8-10pm swim practice and still had to do homework and shower afterwards.
  10. People don't think it's as time-consuming as it is.
  11. People don't think it's as exhausting and draining (mentally and physically) as it is.
  12. My summer comes to a harsh end with the start of the swim season.
  13. My summer ends a week before everyone else's because swimming starts a week before school does.
  14. Not even remembering what "me time" means.
  15. Not having time to buy school supplies so using the broken ones from last year.
  16. Having literally no one to talk to because no one understands what you're going through with having absolutely no "me time" ever.
  17. Feeling like you just lost three months of your life when swimming ends.
  18. When a fast person insists on letting me go ahead of them so they can talk to their friends. And then they touch my feet constantly.
  19. Casually hating your goddamn life.
  20. Casually wanting to die when you've swum more than you've slept this week.
  21. Casually sobbing into my pillow every night because I have no time or energy or sleep to run on.
  22. The intensity of the season being inexplicable to an outsider.
  23. People thinking I'm overreacting when I complain about swimming when it's actually an accurate description but it's unbelievable.
  24. Being legitimately concerned for my own health because I haven't gotten a full night's sleep in months.
  25. Probably stunting my growth from lack of sleep when I'm already short as it is.
  26. Having to refuse hanging out even when I'm available because I'm exhausted and overworked.
  27. Not having time to adjust to the new grade and workload because I'm too busy swimming, and then when the season ends three months later being like "wait.. I'm a sophomore? And it's a quarter way through the year?"
  28. People probably hating me because I can't help but be sour and rude and in a bad mood all the time.
  29. Falling asleep on your homework because I'm so tired and waking up a few hours later realizing my homework is not done. (great anecdote from last year's season: one time I came home from swimming, took a shower, ate dinner, and resumed my homework but fell asleep on it and I woke up at 2am to my dad saying "Julia, go to bed!" and then had to wake up and continue my homework.)
  30. When my parents tell me to go to sleep at 2am but I can't because I still have hours of homework ahead of me.
  31. Not having time for babysitting [your job] and not making any money. But it's cool, cause you have no time to spend it, either.
  32. Away meets that are 45 minutes away.
  33. Teachers assigning the most homework on away meet days.
  34. Taking a sudden hiatus from my blog for three months.
  35. When my friends want to do anything that involves physical exercise in the middle of swim season when I'm sore as hell, and then get mad at me for being "lazy."
  36. All people see is me looking rather normal at school, so they assume my life is fine, and think it's okay to get annoyed at me for not being able to hang out.
  37. My extreme business being just a nuisance to friends who want to hang out.
  38. I'm the slowest person on the entire team (at least as of last year).
  39. Thinking there's something wrong with me because I don't get a rush of adrenaline before a race.
  40. Sacrificing my studies and seeing teachers before/after school because you literally have no time.
  41. Sacrificing sleep for homework that I couldn't finish earlier because of swimming.
  42. Giving zero shits by the end of swim season.
  43. Being surprised I'm not LITERALLY DEAD by the end of the season.
  44. Having team dinners seldom because swimming itself is time consuming enough as it is.
  45. How I feel in the height of the season:
But I get to eat whatever the hell I want and nobody can say shit about it!

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