Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Self Improvement Summer: Learning to Cook on the Grill

Don't get me wrong, I already knew how to cook and bake. I make cookies, cakes, soup, pizza, eggs, pastries, pasta with sauce, stir fry, etc. I've made chicken and hamburgers on the stove in a pan before, but never on a grill.
I was determined to learn how to do this myself, since I found a pack of boneless skinless thin-cut chicken breast cutlets (the perfect starter meat) in the freezer.
It was annoying how I had so little knowledge as a basis, and I had to look every little thing up.

How I thawed the chicken: honestly, I saw this at the top when I did a quick Google search. I didn't really bother reading up on it.

It took about half an hour to thaw. It floated because the package had air in it, so I had to stand there the whole time and keep it submerged in the water. At some point, I got impatient and switched to hot water. I looked it up, and it didn't seem to be much of a problem, just not the best idea due to bacterial growth. (source)

How I prepared the chicken: I used this recipe. I liked it, I thought the spices worked well together, from what little I know about chicken. I ended up using twice or three times that recipe though for more flavor.

How I turned on my dad's gas grill:
It was surprisingly easy! Although since my dad's gas grill is a mini one, there was a little red button to press to fire up the grill after turning on the gas. And I had to twist on a mini propane bottle first. Before you accuse me of being sexist, I didn't purposefully use this tutorial because it says it's "a special girl's guide," it was just the first link on my Google search.

One minute after putting on grill, half cooked
How I grilled the chicken: I slapped the chicken on the grill and waited. It probably took two minutes on each side (since the chicken was cut thinly) for the pink to disappear. In cooking class, my teacher said you know the chicken is done when there's no more pink. But I cooked them extra because they weren't getting those grill marks you see on Pinterest, so I assumed they weren't done yet (I wanted the Pinterest-esque grill marks, okay?).

After grilling both sides, almost fully cooked

How the chicken came out: delicious

Last thoughts: I'm glad I did this! I didn't really need chicken today, but I cooked it because I thought grilling was something I should be familiar with and know how to do. And as a bonus, it contributes to my Self Improvement Summer! My brother ate all the chicken, so I guess it was pretty good. I would make it again. First time grilling was a success! I think knowing how to cook meat and use a grill is a good life experience, and I'm sure it'll come in handy in my future adulthood.

Finished product

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