Friday, August 28, 2015

Which Sex Has it Easier?

Disclaimer: this is excluding transgenders, gender-fluids, genderqueers, etc. They have their own problems.
Inspired by: this video because it's stupid and incorrect
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Things women have to deal with

  1. Not being able to walk around topless (similar: Legalize Female Toplessness) when it's sweltering out. It's literally illegal to take off your shirt if you're a woman in public. LITERALLY ILLEGAL. How is that not a violation of our constitutional rights?
  2. They have to go through the pain of birthing a child if they want a biological son/daughter.
  3. Periods. Obviously.
  4. Bras. Obviously.
  5. Boobs and sore breasts.
  6. Women's pants have small pockets. Men's pants have big pockets.
  7. Therefore we have to carry a purse, which can be annoying to have to drag everywhere.
  8. Being afraid of being outside alone at night.
  9. Being objectified.
  10. Coming out of Adam's rib.
  11. Being expected to be a diligent housewife.
  12. Being way more prone to rape.
  13. Having to watch what you wear, especially in the city, for rape prevention.
  14. Being shorter because of genetics.
  15. Wage gap.
  16. The "war against women."
  17. People are trying to stop funding Planned Parenthood, our only safe place for minors to get affordable birth control and abortions.
  18. Breast size insecurities.
  19. Men have faster metabolisms than women.
  20. Men can lose weight faster than women.
  21. Being expected to shave your legs and underarms.
  22. Being expected to wear makeup.
  23. Being expected to wax/pluck/groom your eyebrows.
  24. Fearing men.
  25. Soap/deodorant/shampoo/conditioner/razors/everything being more expensive and less effective but you still have to buy it because you don't want to smell like a man.

Things men have to deal with

  1. They don't get the joy of birthing a child and breastfeeding him/her.
  2. Women usually get custody of a child during divorces.
  3. Random boners.
  4. Being looked down upon for being a stay-at-home dad.
  5. Penis size insecurities.
  6. It's not as easy to get away with being chubby.
  7. Women are scientifically more empathetic than men.
  8. Having to find a good haircut. Women can just get their hair cut straight across and it will still look fine.
  9. Being feared by women.
  10. Having to take off your shirt at the pool or looking weird/insecure.
  11. Being seen as weird/gay if you choose to wear makeup.
  12. Being shut down with the whole "meninism" thing.
So, either I'm biased, I don't know much about men to make more points about them, or women have it a lot harder.


  1. Being a man is way way easier. hands down. honestly i would not know exactly what it is like to be a girl since i am a guy but from analysis via readings, conversations and observation, hell ya it's awesome to be a guy.

    1. Probably. Still wouldn't be a man if you paid me.

    2. yea i get that reply a lot. that's the strange thing i find. being a girl, you have so many petty issues to worry about logically which you shouldn't be worried about. rape, wear sexy clothes at the same time covering yourself by crossing your legs to hide your vaginas, make ups to cover your true face, high heels that kills, wolf whistles, paid of periods, pain of pregnancy, pain of giving birth, all these and yet during sex, you can banged, boned, fucked, screwed, bedded, by us men. yep being a man is better.