Saturday, September 12, 2015

Article Response: Political Correctitude

Note: I wrote this post before fully reading the article because I didn't want the article to influence my opinions. However I did skim the first couple paragraphs. This post isn't a direct response to the article, it's more of a spinoff question regarding my opinion on political correctness (in general, not just in the presidential elections).

For reference, this is the Google definition of "political correctness."

We live in a very politically advanced age.
Is political correctitude good?
           The young people of this generation strive to be more accepting of diversity (LGBT+, races/ethnicities, religions) and want to do the right thing. It's an example of political development at its finest.
            I think political correctness is a good thing, otherwise it would be regression rather than progression and it wouldn't happen. I find that political correctitude benefits me because I'm not discriminated against for my sexuality or my ethnicity. Political correctitude also prevents bullying because now when you call someone a "fag" or a "nigger" it's offensive rather than your average insult, so now rather than people agreeing with you, they'll scold you for being insensitive. I feel like the world is a better place now that people care about hurting other people's feelings. I also think that the people who don't believe in political correctitude (Donald Trump, for instance) are stuck in the past and are the same people who still believe in old-fashioned gender roles. They refuse to change their views based on what's actually right and wrong and instead accept what they're told to believe and hold on to it (such as still believing in gender roles that make no sense) and are convinced the new generation is "going soft." It's likely that all the old-fashioned thinkers who oppose political correctitude are in an ethnic/racial/gender/sexuality group that's not commonly discriminated against. I.e., cis white males. If you're not experiencing it, it's hard to empathize with and care about discrimination.
            I try to be politically correct to a point. I express my unadulterated opinions, and they usually happen to align with the politically correct ones. If they don't, such as my view on the death penalty (pro), that's fine too and it just means I have a different opinion that other people might not agree with. I don't try to conform to politically correct opinions just for the sake of political correctitude.
Political correctitude opposers argue people go to far with it and people are too touchy and too easily offended, but to that I counter: doesn't that police how offensive you can be, which is a good thing because less offensive things will be said?

            Regarding the article, do I think Trump will win the election (for the party/for the presidential elections)? No, I think the politically correct young people of this generation outnumber the crusty old-fashioned thinkers. Plus, some of the old-fashioned thinkers disagree with a lot of Trump's extremist views.


  1. Trump is a good speaker if you've seen any of his speeches, and he appears a lot more motivated to take action than the other candidates. That's not to say he should win, but think about how many politically progressive young people are of voting age - they're the minority compared to those who might actually vote trump, when you look at hillary's shaky record and gender and legacy being her main cards, and the rest of the Republican party being shadowed by trump. His only formidable opponent is Bernie Sanders, but even sanders has just now begun to lead the polls.

    1. Honestly I'm still in shock he's actually running haha. It's probably just wishful thinking. I haven't seen any of his speeches, this is pretty much the only thing I know about him. I'm not really informed enough to express my opinion on the subject, but i did it anyway because yoLo and fUck the sysTem. I swear I'm moving Europe if Trump wins. no but actually