Sunday, September 20, 2015

How I Feel About the Term "Pansexuality"

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I have found that the term "pansexuality" is widely misunderstood, so I wanted to make a post about it to clear some things up.

Dictionary definition:

A common person's (inaccurate) definition of pansexuality:

The difference between bisexual and pansexual:
Things I've heard and whether or not I agree with them:
  • "It's impossible to be pansexual. There's no way you can be gender-blind and just not care what someone's gender is." I agree with the second part of that statement. Most people think pansexuality is being blind to someone's gender. But that would be impossible, because men and women are very different. However, that's not pansexuality. Pansexuality is being attracted to ALL genders, not REGARDLESS of gender. So that stultifies the first sentence.
  • "Pansexuality is basically the same thing as bisexuality." They are similar, but pansexuality includes non-binary and trans people, whereas bisexuality is exclusively male and female. (see above)
  • "Pansexuality is for Tumblr people. Normal people don't actually use it." Yeah, I guess you could say that. But I'm your average person and I use it and identify as it.

Why I think the term "bisexuality" is offensive:
Because it excludes trans and non-binary people, when there's no way someone will be attracted to MEN AND WOMEN and exclude trans/non-binary people. I feel like if someone did that, it's probably because of internalized transphobia. Trans and non-binary people have the same parts as men and women! It's not like they have different genitals!

Why I identify as pansexual (for right now):
  • The term "bisexual" is inaccurate for me. I could be attracted to trans or non-binary people.
  • I find the term "bisexual" offensive to trans/non-binary people because of their exclusion, and I feel like it's almost transphobic, which is extremely not okay.

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