Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tattoos I Want

(updated) Honestly, I will probably never get any of these tattoos. But right now, I think it would be cool to have these tattoos.
I like minimal tattoos, but I'd be down for a more complicated one if it means a lot to me.

1. Asterisk
I'm not sure, but I might want something more minimal than this. This one is the Hot Chili Peppers logo, which is why it's so thick, but a big thick tattoo is a big commitment and it's all about RHCP, which isn't what I want. I also like the RHCP one, but I think I'd just want the traditional five-point asterisk.
Meaning: the asterisk is the fine print. It's the * and the afterthought at the end. I think life comes with a great deal of fine print. There's a lot of stuff no one tells you about. No one tells you people are selfish and primarily self-concerned, and you can't 100% rely on anyone. No one will be your codependent. There won't always be someone there to be your net to catch you and your safety blanket to provide security.
Location: my right side, upper middle thigh.

2. Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Prism
Meaning: The first time I heard Pink Floyd was the first time I realized I can think for myself and I don't have to accept what I'm told without question. I believe it was in eighth grade, and I had this self-actualization moment in the car with my brother when he was telling a story.
Location: Next to my left pelvic/hip bone, on my stomach but near the bone.

(xxx) sorry this is a Harry Styles tattoo forgive me, it was cute and minimalistic
not my picture
not my picture

3. Twenty One Pilots |-/
Meaning: nothing really, I just like their logo and I think it looks dope. I wouldn't get it with the circle around it though.
Location: on the bottom of my foot (on the arch).
Location: finger? I don't know, I definitely wouldn't get this. I like the idea though.
4. XO
Meaning: fake bitches. Staying true to yourself. Nothing.
Location: under my left armpit. Not right under, a few inches below.

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