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Tips, Hairstyles & Haircuts for (Straight) Middle Parted Hair

All over Pinterest and the Internet, I see girls with side-parted hair. I've tried a side part, and it doesn't look good with my hair or with my face and I feel like I can't pull it off or don't know how to. In any case, I have a middle part and I never see tips or hairstyles that work for girls with middle parted hair.  A lot of Pinterest hairstyles show models with side parted hair, and it doesn't work on middle parted hair. Or the models have bangs and I don't.

  1. Your hair may be straight and organized-looking, and you may have a middle part right where everyone can see it, but you don't have to have a flawless part. A messy part (but not TOO messy. Not "one half is on the left, one half is on the right") can look effortlessly cute.
  2. You may have a middle part, but you can still do that thing where you finger-comb your hair from the front of the part to make it fall effortlessly and give temporary volume.
  3. No, you can't use texturizing spray. If you curl your hair, you can, but don't do it if your hair is still straight. It just emphasizes the weird, accidental waves that happened while drying.

  1. Stick-straight. This is achieved by straightening or blow drying your hair. Flat ironed straight hair looks better on girls with a middle part. Yes, even though you have straight hair you can still buy a straightener, and no, it's not a waste of your money. But make sure it's sleek and not frizzy!
  2. Normal, but not stick-straight. This is usually how I do my hair anyway, regardless of hairstyle. I part my hair before the shower (so I don't have to brush it after showering), brush my hair in the shower (after conditioner, to help evenly distribute the conditioner), and towel-dry it when I get out. I don't brush it after getting out of the shower. This helps with volume and avoiding having stick-straight hair (which can be boring or drab). Once it's completely dry, I brush it though and add moroccan oil.
  3. Half-up half-down. There's two ways I do this. The first way is by taking a three-inch section from the top of my hair and brushing it back, not leaving the part (Figure 1). The second way is by taking a bigger section from halfway between the part and my ears and brushing it back but leaving the part (Figure 2). Both look great when a hair bow is added on top of the hairband.
  4. Messy bun. I do the messy bun by tipping my head over and using gravity to my advantage to create a voluminous high ponytail, then twisting from the base to the tip (not starting at the tip and just twisting- this creates an off-center, lopsided bun) and twisting around, then using the hair elastic (Figure 3).
  5. Waterfall braid(s). I waterfall braid one or both halves of my hair, and bobby pin it in an X shape about halfway back. (Figure 4)
  6. Sometimes I take an inch sized piece from the front of each side of my hair and bobby pin it in an X about halfway back. Sometimes I twist these sections. It's sort of like a modified half up half down.
Figure 1

Figure 2
Figure 3 (xxx)
Figure 4

  1. The Rachel... from season 4-5 (of Friends). (Figure 5a & b) I have this haircut and while it's annoying when it sometimes curls outwards from the angles, it still ends up looking pretty good and when I make an extra effort to make the angles dry inward, it looks amazing. It also looks great when doing tip #2.
  2. Bangs. (Figure 6a & b) The only way to bangs is to middle part.
  3. The "U" (Figure 7a &b). This haircut looks far better with a middle part. I had this haircut for a long time and loved it when straightened. However, my hair sometimes curls up a bit, and it didn't flatter my accidental waves.
  4. Angles and layers (Figure 8). This is a toned-down and straighter version of #1. The angles are longer and shallower.
Figure 5a
Figure 5b
Figure 6a
Figure 6b
Figure 7a
Figure 7b
    Figure 8

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