Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Eyebrows: Tinting and Hair Removal

I've been trying to grow out my eyebrows and at this point they have very little shape and I have trouble growing them in. They've been over plucked countless times. I've been plucking from the beginning, but I should've been getting them done. Here's some things you can do to your eyebrows to clean them up or make them look better, when you should choose this method, and what it looks like.

1. Tweezing/Plucking
I recommend Tweezerman tweezers. They're really strong and can pull out the shortest of hairs. This method is good if you already have a very defined brow shape and you just need to clean up a few hairs, if you're between waxing/threading appointments, if your skin is sensitive to hot wax or the friction of the string during threading, or if you're short on money. Don't use this method to reshape your eyebrows! I did in middle school and I'm left with a sparse mess! You will make mistakes, and the lines won't be as clean. It's not very painful because it's one by one. Some areas are more painful than others.

2. Waxing
This method is good if you want a natural, not extremely defined shape. Threading gives you neat lines whereas waxing gives more natural but still pretty neat lines. The pain here is over quickly, which a lot of people like.

3. Threading
This method is perfect if you have virgin brows with little defined shape, or if you just want very clean lines. I wish I had done this in sixth grade before touching my eyebrows with a tweezer.

4. Tinting/dyeing
Tinting is usually combined with waxing to make those tiny blond peach fuzz-like hairs visible on your eyebrows, creating a fuller look even though it's really just highlighting what you already had.