Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Children's Rights

I just stumbled across this article online. A Michigan mother was upset that she had to allow her daughter to have a five-minute conversation with her doctor alone.
A while ago I did some research on this and had to dig deep to find out parents are required to leave during a doctor's appointment if the child requests it, but parents often refuse to leave and nobody bothers to argue.
In my opinion, parents aren't beneficial to have at the doctor's appointment. I understand parents are concerned for their child's safety and want to make sure nothing happens to their child (i.e., molestation, kidnapping). However that is an unlikely occurrence. For the most part, parents jump in during the questioning and answer questions for their child. This alters the responses, because it becomes what the parent THINKS the child is doing, instead of what the child is actually doing. The only way to prevent this is to make the parent leave, at least for the questioning portion of the visit.
Many doctors also put their pediatrics patients in paper gowns. These gowns don't do shit. It just makes you feel a little better about being mostly naked in front of a stranger (and your parent). Most children over the age of ten find it embarrassing to be naked in front of their parents. It should be the child's right to prevent this. A child should be able to decide who gets to see them naked.
But this often isn't the case. It technically is required by law if the child so desires, but parents can really just say "I'd rather not," and nobody will bother to argue. Isn't that fucked up? Kids have virtually NO rights with their own bodies until they turn eighteen.

For eighteen years of MY life, my parents could potentially do whatever they want with me.
I can't dye or cut my hair past my boobs, I can't get my nose pierced, I can't wear any shirt they deem as "see through" or "low-cut." I should be able to do what I want with MY body. My parents shouldn't be allowed to decide what I do with my body. They don't own me. Isn't it messed up that parents can tell a seventeen-year-old not to wear a certain shirt? Your parents' personal opinions should not dictate what you do with your body. My body, my choice. The law needs to reflect that.

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