Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Video Response: "Questions Gay People Have for Bisexuals"

My first reaction to this was immediately disgust. Allow me to link another highly biphobic video on YouTube, from the gay community.

Here's the followup video, where bisexuals respond to the video above.

As a pansexual teenager, here's what I learned from these two videos:

  • I'm greedy
  • I'm a slut
  • I'm not accepted in the LGBT+ community
  • My sexuality is not real
  • I'm "just confused"
  • No lesbian will ever want to date me
Might as well call it the LGT community. Yeah maybe I am confused. But most bisexuals aren't.
One could argue they were just asking questions in the BuzzFeed video. That would be a valid point, but the gay people phrased it extremely rudely. It would be fine if they phrased it politely and delicately. But their language was crude and offensive. They clearly did not want to learn; they wanted to express their disapproval for bisexuality.
It saddens me not only to know that bisexuals are so discriminated against, not only in general, but in the gay/LGBT community, where they have personally experienced the same discrimination, and on BuzzFeed, which is normally so accepting and politically correct.

All that being said, let us be the bigger man. The gay community is rude to us, let's take it as an opportunity to educate them. However, that's not to say the gay community is just ignorant and they need to be educated. In contrast to the description of the video below ("The LGBT community should take time to educate others and not deem ignorance as hate"), there is a difference between ignorant and hate, and in the two videos embedded above, you can tell from their body language and their personalities (from other BuzzFeed videos) that they are well educated and this is pure biphobia.
Skip to 1:20 to see the outro, where Arielle explains how we need to educate people on bisexuality.

Side note: isn't it fascinating how Arielle can make one video praising and protecting bisexuals, and a year later make another one condemning them for their sexuality? Still love you Arielle.

Now, in closing, allow me to refer you to another video if you are on the biphobic side.

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