Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I Grew Out My Over-Plucked Eyebrows

Before (filled in)
After (threaded and filled in)

As you can see, my eyebrows have been through quite an ordeal. I wanted to share this experience as inspiration for anyone else trying to grow out their eyebrows, as while I was growing mine out I looked for stuff like that online and came up mostly empty.
I feel like all of the potentially cute pictures of me from seventh grade to about three months ago (sophomore year) are ruined. My pencil-thin brows just ruin the whole picture! What a shame.

As I was growing out my eyebrows, I periodically took pictures of them to mark my progress, in preparation for this post. So here they are.

I was initially hesitant to grow out my brows for fear of looking bad with a thicker brow, the hair not growing, looking gross and stubbly, stuff like that. What I've learned is:
  • Everyone looks best with a variation of their natural eyebrows. If you have naturally thick eyebrows, your face probably looks best with bold brows.
  • If you think your eyebrows won't grow back, they probably will.
  • The stubbly part was worth it in the end because I ended up with my dream eyebrows.
  • There are still parts that don't grow on my eyebrows, but that's okay. I do fill in my eyebrows so it's not a problem. When I don't fill in my brows, if I brush them a certain way, the patches are not noticeable. You  can see in the March 29 picture, there are sparse spots in the middle of my left brow and at the bottom of the tail on my right brow. I'm still hoping those will fill in.
  • I thought I was done growing out my eyebrows on March 2. But as you can see, they kept growing. Luckily I didn't go straight to the threader's from there.
  • It's okay if they're a bit asymmetrical. My eyebrows have always been asymmetrical from the day I was born, and I have always resented that. But now I care less, if at all.
  • Ignore all that bullshit about "strategically growing them out in a line." It's better to leave them alone completely to get your optimal natural shape in the end.
I will admit, I had/have a bit of an eyebrow obsession. This began way before the Internet eyebrow movement happened, so that wasn't the cause. My theory is, it all began when a friend teased me for having a "unibrow." I was maybe in late sixth or early seventh grade. I hadn't noticed it until then, but when I went home I looked in the mirror and saw it for the first time. I immediately ran to my mom and asked for a pair of tweezers. She handed them over with a warning: just pluck in the middle, not on your actual eyebrows. Needless to say, I did not take her advice. At the beginning I did, but when that same friend came to school with fully waxed eyebrows, I followed suit, tweezers in hand. The over-plucking happened gradually without my realizing it. It's easy to pluck a little bit more every day and eventually end up with no eyebrows. I wish I'd gotten my eyebrows done by a professional from the start.
My favorite part of this experience is not having to fill in my eyebrows every day if I don't want to. I now feel comfortable going out in public with no makeup on because I actually have eyebrows. There was a moment in early January when I looked in the mirror and realized I had no eyebrows. I was at CVS with no makeup on, and it took a lot for me to go out in public without my eyebrows on, and I had a realization: I have no eyebrows. Family (who see my bare face every day) noticed, but I paid no mind until then. I just thought they were being mean (which they were, but I now understand their concern).
Another great thing is that now I have a more defined shape. There had been days pre-growth when I'd spend my whole half an hour I allotted myself in the morning for makeup on my eyebrows because I couldn't get the shape right. I constantly felt self-conscious about my eyebrows, and if they didn't come out exactly how I wanted that day, I would feel like crap for the entire day. Now, my eyebrows take me five minutes max to fill in in the morning, and I never feel self-conscious about them. Also, if anyone's curious, my favorite eyebrow is the right.
Regarding how I grew them out, there's really no trick to it. Just PUT AWAY THE TWEEZERS. No plucking. Don't say "oh just three hairs!" because you don't know if those three hairs that look super far away from your eyebrow will become part of your brow later when they grow in more. I used castor oil for a while, which is supposed to help your eyebrows grow, but I felt like it was pulling out too many hairs to be worth it, and my pillow was getting all greasy and it was just kind of disgusting. I also tried coconut oil with similar results.
I hope that was inspirational for any of you embarking on your own eyebrow growth journey. Good luck. If you have no interest in your eyebrows, this post may have been a tad boring for you. I apologize.

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