Saturday, March 26, 2016

I Wore Men's Deodorant For a Week

My Dove women's deodorant just wasn't doing the trick anymore, but I wasn't willing to spend $9.99 on a "clinical strength" women's deodorant. I had heard online men's deodorant works better, so I thought why not try it? And to add a little twist on it, I bought a scented one. The purpose of this experiment was to see if anyone noticed or cared that I smelled like a man, if I smelled like a man at all, and if men's deodorant is any better or more effective than women's.

The rules
  • It must be scented - no unscented deodorants! (I also bought an unscented one for long-term use after the week is over)
  • Must be antiperspirant as well
  • Wear it every day for a week
  • Record when something noteworthy happens regarding the deodorant
  • You must not keep your arms down on purpose or wear long sleeves every day on purpose to hide it.

At the store
All the mens' deodorant smell like shit. I would probably vomit if my brother wore one of these (he wears Old Spice's "Pure Sport" which isn't as nauseating). I chose one that still smells manly but slightly less vomit-inducing. I noticed all the men's deodorants have this spicy note that I do not appreciate. Another thing I noticed is that all the men's deodorants were $3.59 and the women's were anywhere from $4.29 to $9.99. So if nothing else, I saved money!
The deodorants I chose (left to right): Speed Stick Power Unscented Antiperspirant Deodorant, Degree Men Extreme Anti-Perspirant (scented)
First Impressions
Sunday, March 6, first application. The first thing I noticed is that the scent is more prominent than I expected. The second thing I noticed is that it leaves a white residue I'm not too keen on. I feel mildly like I want to throw up. I don't know if I'm gonna make it through the whole week. The unscented (Speed Stick)  one actually does not have a scent, contrary to my Dove women's unscented deodorant, which has a clean, fresh scent rather than none at all.

Throughout the Week
The Degree brand deodorant continues to leave a white residue on my armpits. The Speed Stick did not. No one has noticed the scent, even when I pointed it out. I noticed I'm sweating a LOT less, if any. The antiperspirant really works! And I didn't smell either. My pits were noticeably less damp.

The Final Verdict
Men's deodorant > women's deodorant
Degree < Speed Stick


  1. Awesome! I'll use the men's now, it's less expensive too