Saturday, March 5, 2016

Short Girl Fashion Tips

Here's some tips that will actually help you.

  1. Wear all the short shorts. I heard they're actually a no-no for short girls, but I disagree. They look proportionate on petite people, and we can get away with it because in comparison to our legs, they don't look as short on us as they would on a taller girl. Rock those daisy dukes!
  2. When tucking in shirts, especially with a high waist, wear a skinny belt. It sort of looks like a continuation of the shirt and tricks the eye.
  3. Instead of buying high waisted pants, buy mid-rise pants. Instead of hitting right under your boobs, they'll hit at your belly button, which looks more proportionate on us and is more comfortable.
  4. If a shirt is too long, knot it at the side for a casual look and in the middle for a more fitted look. Knotting doesn't work with shirts that fit in length because there's not enough fabric to use. Knot it in the back if you don't want it to be seen.
  5. (source)
  6. If the shirt is too long, another option is to tuck it in or do a half-tuck.
  7. (source)
  8. If a shirt's sleeves are too long, cuff or push them up to disguise it. This also helps you look taller.
  9. If pants are too long, cuff them, leave the wrinkles at the end, or hem them yourself.
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  11. Learn how to do simple alterations, like shortening pants, shirts, sleeves, and skirts.
  12. Opt for a miniskirt. They look proportionate on our bodies.
  13. Buy things that actually fit. You can rock anything if it fits your body.
  14. Buy kids' clothes and shoes--but be careful. Kids' clothes are cheaper, but often lower quality and cut differently. They often have a more boxy cut for clothes, and the shoes are often rounder at the toe.
  15. Kids' vs. women's rain boots (source)
  16. Look for a petite section, but don't be discouraged if you can't find one.
  17. Break all the "rules." Nobody can tell you what to wear. Avoiding certain outfits is a waste of your life and honestly doesn't help that much. Do whatever you want. I'm sure nobody will care either way.

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