Thursday, April 28, 2016

First Impressions: Thongs

I was looking for something to write a blog post about, since I haven't posted in a while. So I was thinking, how about another first impressions? And it came to me! This is something none of my friends have tried so I thought it would be helpful if I did it and shared my experience.
This one looks like mine (x)

This is the back
Day 1: I do not feel sexy. I thought thongs were supposed to make you feel sexy!!! I have a rather square butt and the thong does nothing to accentuate it. It feels like a permanent wedgie, of course. I would describe it as similar to the feeling of food stuck in your teeth, or spacers like before you get braces. I feel like the fabric is getting wrinkled back there, which just gives me a headache. The front doesn't look nice either. It looks kinda strange.

Later on Day 1: I just had an epiphany. This kind of thong isn't supposed to go deep into your buttcrack. It's supposed to sit sort of on the outside of it. I looked up and it was hard to find the answer (as if it's obvious!) but that's what I gathered. I tried wearing it that way and it keeps migrating deeper into my buttcrack. This is complicated. Or maybe it is supposed to be deep inside????

Day 2: I have come to the conclusion that it is supposed to be deep inside. There's no way that thing will not migrate. I wore it all day, it was uncomfortable but nice not to have to dig out wedgies all the time. I wore yoga pants just for this occasion and it was nice not to have any panty lines! I normally don't care about panty lines anyway but it was nice to know I didn't have any. I found myself using the bathroom more often to free my butt from the floss if only for a few moments. I was a little worried about getting a yeast infection or something, I've heard you can get one from wearing thongs.

In Conclusion: No surprises here. It was what I thought it would be, and yes it was uncomfortable and no I will not be switching to wearing thongs anytime in the near future. Glad I tried it, but that thong will probably sit at the bottom of my underwear drawer gathering dust. Maybe I'll wear it if I'm wearing tight yoga pants, but probably not.

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