Thursday, May 12, 2016

Review: ASOS Wide Fit Strappy Heels

I have a wide foot, so it's always been hard to find heels that don't hurt like a motherfucker, especially scrappy ones (the straps dig in). Wide fit shoes are hard to find, and the ones that I do find are always ugly or have a one-inch or less heel. So naturally, ASOS's good selection of cute, wide fit shoes was a blessing to me. I got the "New Look Wide Fit Strappy Heeled Sandals" for $36 down from $48.


  • My feet are sort of in between regular fit and wide fit, so I was worried these would be too big on me. One strap is slightly too big (you can see it on my left foot's middle strap), but it's not a big deal. It's almost more comfortable that way.
  • The material and construction is sort of cheap feeling, but not visible unless close up. From what I can tell, they are not the highest of quality shoes. I would not pay full price if I saw it in store.
  • As a short girl with small feet (size 6), the heel height compliments my height nicely.
  • My only complaint (other than the cheap thing) is that the gold adornments can move around a bit, but they don't move too far and it's not noticeable. A forgivable trait.
  • They're pretty comfortable and flexible to walk in. More so than most other heels I've worn.

These are great shoes in general, and I'm so glad they come in wide fit! Props to ASOS for making the first cute, wide fit heels for women. I'm tired of stuffing my feet into regular fit shoes and suffering. Side note: I am aware that dress doesn't go with the shoes. I wore it solely for the purpose of the photo.

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