Saturday, November 26, 2016

Where to Buy Wide Shoes

As a wide-footed girl, I understand the struggle of finding cute and affordable wide shoes. Because apparently if you have a wide foot, you're only interested in kitten heels and clogs.

  1. Asos
    I will be the first to admit Asos can be pricey, but if you find something on sale, many cute simpler heel styles are in the $30 range. And honestly, it's hard enough to find cute wide shoes, treat yoself! Also, beware they just switched over to UK sizing, so your size will be 2 sizes down in women's from US to UK. They also include videos of a model walking in the shoes on the website so you can see exactly what you're buying!
  2. Newlook
    Newlook is a supplier for Asos, so they have a lot of overlap in styles. If there's something labeled "Newlook" on Asos and they're out of your size, check here. Also in UK sizing and in British Pounds.
  3. Payless
  4. Torrid
    These shoes are designed for plus-sized women, and although I have never tried on any of their shoes, I'll bet they work for straight-sized women with wide feet too. Plus, I love their product descriptions.
  5. Nordstrom
    Many department stores have a surprisingly small array of wide width shoes for women. Nordstrom is not one of them. In store, I can't say, but online they have a respectable variety. Just refine your search by width. (Although again, this isn't the most affordable place to shop.)
  6. Amiclubwear
    I haven't ever ordered from here, but I have heard good things. So if you do order and it never comes, don't hold me to that. They also don't have a huge selection of wide width footwear. However, what they do have is buy-one-for-every-outfit prices.