Tuesday, March 14, 2017

12 Things I Want to do Before College

College is a time where you make new friends, have new experiences, whatever. But there are some things I want to do before college with the friends I have now, or even alone, just to experience them.

  1. Have my own car and take care of it. I want to have the experience of owning it, washing it, buying gas for it, getting maintenance on it, and making it my own.
  2. Sleep in a car or on the beach. And wake up to the sunrise, or the beautiful outdoors, or something like that. 
  3. Go to a drive-in movie like they did in the 50s or whatever. I think that would be a cool way to experience how people used to live, and be able to talk during a movie!
  4. Pull an all-nighter. I've done this before, but not for fun. I think if I did it with some friends, playing truth or dare or whatever kids do these days, that would be fun.
  5. Join a peaceful protest like the women's march and fight for what I believe in among a group of people who believe in the same thing.
  6. Participate in senior skip day. I think everyone pretty much does this, but I normally don't and I think I should.
  7. Have a picnic in a pretty spot on a trail or something and appreciate the beauty of the town I live in.
  8. Carve something on a tree, in wet cement, or write something on that bridge in town that everyone writes on. Just for the memory.
  9. Go to an amusement park on a rainy day and avoid the lines!
  10. Buy a lottery ticket when I turn 18. Because I can.
  11. Break into an abandoned building and walk around.
  12. Walk around a cute little historical town and buy knick-knacks.