Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Having a Car in High School

Okay, so there's this stereotype that all the teen drivers out there are sponsored by their parents for everything except gas -- and they struggle to scrape together the money for it, always asking friends for gas money and asking for $5 of gas. And that friends are always leaving trash and dirty bras in their cars.
I'm here to prove that stereotype true (mostly).

While I'm not scrambling for gas money, I do think it's appropriate to ask friends for gas money. I've been legally allowed to drive friends around for a full week (there's this stupid rule in my state that you can't drive anyone else until you've had your license for 6 months), and it's summer, so I've been doing a lot of that. My friends and I have gone several locations to pass the time (and by that I mean fuck around and consequently annoy all the employees), including but not limited to: Jordan's Furniture, a lake several miles away from my house, the mall, Old Navy, and KFC.
Now, since being able to drive friends allows for a much greater range of places we can go, and a much larger radius of places we can go, we've been utilizing that. It's a newfound freedom. And given that we're driving farther, I'm using up more gas. It hurts when I'm filling up every week rather than every other. I drive a Honda Civic. That means I get 30 miles to the gallon, and I shouldn't have to fill up often. But driving 25 miles every day takes a toll on my gas usage. Especially when my passengers are disputing my music taste. You hate when I play the same 5 (amazing) songs on repeat? Tell that to my weekly gas bill.
I did the math, and I burn about $1 of gas for every 10 miles I drive. That adds up. Just check out this fencepost.

Gotta be the only time I've ever used those outside of school.
So, let's say we drive 15 miles on average every day for 5 days. That's $6. Okay, I was expecting that to be more. Where does all my gas go then?! (Exactly!) But my point is, people don't offer gas money because they don't even notice. In the back of their minds, they know my parents don't pay for my gas, but they don't care because they assume it's not that much and they don't see it that way. But the way it really is, is I'm funding all of our activities. Every time we go to the movies, the mall, or fuck around at some store, it's funded by yours truly. I didn't ask for that financial responsibility. It's basically like those fuckers that ask to borrow money and don't even mention giving it back, almost as if they never borrowed it in the first place. But I remember. Even though I knew they'd never give it back, I still hold a grudge for that $1 you borrowed from me two years ago. You know who you are.

And on top of that, people leave trash in my car and move my shit around.
So now not only are you borrowing money from me and never giving it back, I'm stuck behind the wheel on every adventure, AND I have to throw away your trash AND put my shit back in its original location.
See, I have this pillow that sits in my backseat. I thought it was a cute touch to a boring car. Though I will admit, that shade of muted pink brings out the dirt tones in my cushions. But anyway, people keep moving it around. If you're gonna lean on it, or sit where she's supposed to sit, you better fucking put it back. It's not there for you, it's there to look cute. Because who the fuck do you think puts it back every time you move it? When I just finished a very tiring trip to the mall, walking around for miles inside a heavily air conditioned steel box, and I just wanna get in my bed and recover, instead I have to get out of the car, go into the backseat, and move the fucking pillow. Thanks a lot.
And see, I don't keep trash in my car because I'm not a disgusting piece of shit. I have friends that have messy cars, with clothes and dog shit all over the floors, and that's fine, but that's a choice. I choose to keep a clean, sanitary vehicle. And you leaving a sticky old lollipop in the gap between the seat and the center console is destroying it!!! If there's one crevice that lollipop should go in...
My point is, that's disrespectful. Like that time my friend, who was at my house for Halloween, took my pillowcase that I sewed myself, and proceeded to use it for trick-or-treating. To put chocolate in. Right. I wouldn't be mad.

Shade? You decide.