Saturday, July 1, 2017

My Reflections on Summer 2017 Thus Far

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A quick summary...

  1. A lot of shopping. For bikinis, that I'm totally going to wear. During all that swimming at the beach I'm doing.
  2. A lot of driving, and a lot of compiling playlists. Me and my squad have been whipping in my Honda Civic every day. Sweet ride, right?
    Seems like every day we find another place half an hour away and end up in the car for 45 minutes each way. Because I keep making wrong turns.
    And lots of KFC, of course. It's our new alternative to Chick fil a, because not only are they closed on Sundays, but they hate gay people.
  3. A lot of eating. It's my favorite activity.

    Now we know where my bank balance went.
  4. I got hit on by a 28 year old man at Subway during my break at work. He started by commenting on the fact that he was at the bakery I work at (next door), and proceeded to ask me about my life, my age, and my first AND last name. Even after I told him I was 17, and he told me he's 28. So basically, I can never go to Subway again.
  5. We went to an abandoned insane asylum and got booted out real quick. "Get out or I'll call the cops!" Thanks, buddy. Sweet '98 RAV4 by the way.
  6. Found this cool hiking trail though.
  7. I went again just to discover X-Men is being filmed there and I can't go inside. Even though it was supposedly closing on July 1st and it was June 30th.
  8. Summer work, and actual work. Hearing about people's crazy exes at work.
  9. I hit someone's car. She wasn't mad, but she was talking shit about me in advisory.
  10. A lot of fucking around at random stores. Jordan's furniture, for example. I stole a tiny pencil.
  11. A lot of trying to go on adventures and failing miserably. Case and point: the insane asylum. We also tried to fuck around at a lake but parking was $8 so we left.
  12. Finding this cool bridge.
  13. Prom. It was the week before finals, and it was awesome. Even better because I went with the graduating senior class, so I didn't have to feel bad about my awkward dancing!